Betty Junod

Get all the Docker talks from Tech Field Day 12

As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to have participated in a few of the Tech Field Day and inaugural Cloud Field Day events to share the Docker technology with the IT leaders and evangelists that Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth have cultivated into this fantastic group.  The final event was Tech Field Day 12 hosting in Silicon Valley. In case you missed the live stream, check out videos of the sessions here. Session 1: Introduction to Docker and Docker Datacenter Session 2: Securing the Software Supply Chain with Docker Session 3: Docker for Windows Server and Windows Containers Session 4: Docker for AWS and Azure Session 5: Docker Networking Fabric These are great overviews of the Docker technology applied to enterprise app pipelines, operations, and  diverse operating systems and cloud environments. And most importantly, this was a great opportunity Continue reading…

Trisha McCanna

Your Agenda for HPE Discover London 2016

  Next week HPE will host more than 10,000 top IT executives, architects, engineers, partners and thought-leaders from across Europe at Discover 2016 London, November 29th – December 1st in London. Come visit Docker in Booth #208 to learn how Docker’s Containers-as-a-Service platform is transforming modern application infrastructures, allowing business to benefit from a more agile development environment. Docker experts will be on-hand to for in-booth demos, hands-on-labs, breakout sessions and Transformation Zone sessions to demonstrate how Docker’s infrastructure platform, provides businesses with a unifying framework to embrace hybrid infrastructures and optimize resource utilization across legacy and modern Linux and Windows applications. Not attending Discover London? Don’t miss a thing and “Save the Date” for the live streaming of keynotes and top sessions beginning November 29th at 11:00 GMT and through the duration of the event. Save the date – General Session Day Continue reading…

Betty Junod

Docker at Tech Field Day 2016

Save the date!  This coming Thursday Docker is excited to host the delegates of Cloud Field Day at our headquarters for a deep dive into the Docker platform. Cloud Field Day is part of a series of Tech Field Day events that bring together technology companies and IT thought leaders to talk shop with technology and insights. Cloud Field Day will be live and in person at Docker HQ but anyone can join in by participating in the live stream. Docker will be featured at 1pm on Thursday Sept 15th. Join us by visiting the Cloud Field Day event page. Cloud field day is just one in a series of Tech Field Day sessions coordinated by IT industry veterans Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth. Learn more about the whole Tech Field Day series here.   ICYMI:  Our very own Mike Coleman, spoke at Continue reading…

Chris Hines

The 4 Biggest Questions About Docker from VMworld 2016

Simply incredible. We spent last week at VMworld speaking with thousands of enterprise security, infrastructure and virtualization pros. It was humbling to witness all of the curiosity and excitement around Docker at the show, and how Docker clearly made a strong impression on the attendees. This curiosity around Docker and its use within enterprise environments is the reason why i’m writing this blog. We noticed that there were many of the same questions that arose, and we figured we should share them with you, as you start your journey towards adopting Docker containers and VMs. Here are the most commonly asked questions from the conference. What is Docker? Or even a container? Is it a lightweight VM? Can I use it with vSphere? What value do they provide?   Containers are really about applications, not servers. That’s why they aren’t VMs. Continue reading…

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Chris Hines

Webinar: Containerization for the Virtualization Admin

If you’re a virtualization admin there’s a good chance that the word “container” has floated by in the last few months. This is because enterprises of all sizes are now looking to leverage the power of containerization. But what is containerization and how can you leverage containers while also making use of your investment in virtualization?

Bradley Wong

Docker and HPE: Accelerating modern app architectures in enterprise datacenters

Docker has evolved tremendously over the last 3 years to empower developers and IT operations teams to maintain greater control over their own environments without sacrificing agility. From an ops tool used by the original dotCloud team, to Docker’s commercially supported Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, Docker Datacenter (DDC), Docker has been at the forefront of this evolution. Today we are excited to announce the next evolution in the Docker story providing enterprises with infrastructure optimized for the Docker platform with the leading provider of cloud infrastructure – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Together, Docker and HPE will deliver integrated and fully supported Docker ready HPE x86 servers, bundled with Docker’s commercially supported Engine (CS Engine) right out of the box.

Mike Coleman

So, when do you use a Container or VM?

Recently I was giving a talk at a trade show on the basics of Docker, and how an application goes from an idea to being a production workload running on a Universal Control Plane managed Swarm cluster. As part of that talk, I spent a bit of time talking about how containers are not VMs. This was especially relevant as most of the attendees currently worked as virtualization sysadmins. During the QA portion of the session one of the attendees asked me “When does my application go in a VM and when does it go in a container?”

Mike Coleman

To Use Physical Or To Use Virtual: That is the container deployment question

I have had a version of the following conversation more than a few times with community members trying to sort out where to run their containerized apps in production: User: So, where should I run my containers? Bare metal or VM’s Me: It’s not a question of “either / or” – that’s the beauty of Docker. That choice is based solely on what’s right for your application and business goals – physical or virtual, cloud or on premise. Mix and match as your application and business needs dictate (and change). User: But, surely you have a recommendation. Me: I’m going to give you the two word answer that nobody likes: It depends. User: You’re right, I don’t like that answer. Me: I kind of figured you wouldn’t, but it really is the right answer. There are tough questions in the Continue reading…