“Everything agnostic” is the only requirement for Containers as a Service (CaaS)

With Containers as a Service (CaaS) IT organizations and developers can work together in a secured and managed application environment to build, ship and run their applications anywhere. In last week’s blog post, we introduced Containers as a Service and discussed how it can provide a modern platform. In this post, we discuss in more detail the characteristics that uniquely power CaaS.

The reason developers don’t adopt locked down platforms is because software development is an exercise in both discovery and creation. It is critical to keep this in mind when considering application platforms.Read More

Webinar Q&A: Docker Basics – Orchestration

As the need for greater agility and portability drives the growth of containerization within enterprises world-wide, container orchestration tools have become increasingly important. With multiple nodes running multiple containers, enterprises now need a way to manage and deploy containers at scale. This is where orchestration is valuable. Orchestration is the ability to manage and automatically schedule container deployments onto nodes. Tools like Docker Swarm, a scalable Docker engine clustering solution, and Docker Compose, a powerful tool for deploying multi-container applications, help make orchestration seriously easy for users. These Docker native tools are the industry’s top orchestration solutions for Dockerized environments.Read More

Docker 1.10: New Compose file, improved security, networking and much more!

We’re pleased to announce Docker 1.10, jam-packed with stuff you’ve been asking for.

It’s now much easier to define and run complex distributed apps with Docker Compose. The power that Compose brought to orchestrating containers is now available for setting up networks and volumes. On your development machine, you can set up your app with multiple network tiers and complex storage configurations, replicating how you might set it up in production. You can then take that same configuration from development, and use it to run your app on CI, on staging, and right through into production. Check out the blog post about the new Compose file to find out more.Read More

Docker Engine 1.10 Security Improvements

It’s been a crazy past few months with DockerCon and the holidays but yet we are still hacking away on the Docker Engine and have some really awesome security features I would like to highlight with the release of Docker Engine 1.10.

Security is very important to us and our approach is two-fold; one is to provide a secure foundation on which to build applications and second, to provide capabilities to secure the applications themselves. Docker Engine is the foundation on which you pull, build and run containers and all the features listed below are about giving your more granular controls for access, resources and other kickass stuff…

OK, enough with the introduction – let’s get to the good stuff!Read More

Compose 1.6: New Compose file for defining networks and volumes

In the previous version of Docker Engine we added a completely new system for managing networks and volumes, and we’re pleased to announce full support for these features in Docker Compose.

Compose files used to describe just one thing: the services that make up your distributed application. We’ve now added networks and volumes to the mix, allowing you to describe much more complex applications. You can set up your app on your development machine with multiple network tiers and complex storage configurations, replicating how you might set it up in production. You can then take that same configuration from development, and use it to run your app on CI, on staging, and right through into production.

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Announcing Docker Birthday #3

Back in March 2013, Docker’s CTO and Founder, Solomon Hykes introduced Docker publicly for the first time during a lightning talk at PyCon. Three years later the Docker project has significantly matured to become the open platform of choice for building, shipping and running distributed applications in an infrastructure agnostic Container as a Service (CaaS) model. Thanks to the hard work of thousands of contributors from Docker, Inc and the Docker community, the Docker platform is now used in production by companies of all sizes and industries.

Last year, to celebrate the Docker project’s 2nd birthday, we proudly organized a global open-source-a-thon where the Docker core team and expert developers from the Go community guided participants through their first open source contributions which resulted in donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet.

This year, to celebrate the Docker Project’s 3rd birthday, the Docker community is joining forces with a number of partners in the broader tech and open-source community to host a series of events focused on providing Docker training to beginners during the week of March 21-26.  

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Containers as a Service (CaaS) as your new platform for application development and operations

Developers don’t adopt locked down platforms.

That one simple statement summarizes decades of tension between IT operations and development teams. Along the spectrum of control versus agility are the desires and needs of IT operations teams responsible for keeping environments up and running and compliant to regulations and the needs of developers who are responsible for building software to attract, engage and maintain customers. Most times you had to choose between control or freedom and could not have both.Read More

Three New Official Repos Join the Docker Library

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added three new Official Repos to the Docker Library. These repos are the latest additions to a growing library of curated content maintained by Docker and our partners.

Docker users have pulled Official Repos nearly 300 million times, making them the most popular content in the Docker ecosystem. Please welcome Neo4j, Nuxeo, and Photon to the Docker library!Read More