Sophia Parafina

Spring Boot Development with Docker

The AtSea Shop is an example storefront application that can be deployed on different operating systems and can be customized to both your enterprise development and operational environments. In my last post, I discussed the architecture of the app. In this post, I will cover how to setup your development environment to debug the Java REST backend that runs in a container. Building the REST Application I used the Spring Boot framework to rapidly develop the REST backend that manages products, customers and orders tables used in the AtSea Shop. The application takes advantage of Spring Boot’s built-in application server, support for REST interfaces and ability to define multiple data sources. Because it was written in Java, it is agnostic to the base operating system and runs in either Windows or Linux containers. This allows developers to build against a heterogenous architecture. Project setup The AtSea project Continue reading…

Betty Junod

Docker Federal Summit Recap and videos

On May 2nd, Docker returned to the Newseum to host the second annual Docker Federal Summit.  This one day event is designed to bring government agency developers, IT ops, program leaders and the ecosystem together to share and learn about the trends driving change in IT from containers, cloud and devops.  We expanded the agenda this year two tracks, with presentations from Docker, ecosystem partners, agency and community leaders to drive discussions, technology deep dives and hands on tutorials. View the general session replay here: General session table of content and slides 13:05 Iain Gray, SVP Customer Success discusses how Docker delivers a unique secure supply chain for all applications and infrastructure 33:35 Nathan McCauley, Director Security Engineering discusses the principles of least privilege design on which Docker is built 55:30 Modernize Traditional Apps to gain portability, security and efficiency without changing source Continue reading…

Sophia Parafina

Developing a Spring Boot app on Docker: The AtSea Demo App

This is the first of a series of blog posts that demonstrates using Docker to develop a typical web application and deploying it in production. For DockerCon 2017, we wanted to build a new demo application that would demonstrate the flexibility of using Docker in development as well as showcase the features of Docker in a production environment. The result was the AtSea Shop, a storefront application that can be deployed on different operating systems and can be customized to both your enterprise development and operational environment. A Hybrid Architecture The team decided on a few ground rules. First, we wanted to use modern components commonly used in enterprise applications. We decided to build a Java application using the Spring Boot framework. The web client is a javascript application written using React as a framework.  Second, the application should be able to Continue reading…

Elton Stoneman

Docker at Microsoft Build 2017

Build is Microsoft’s premier developer event, run annually. This year Docker, Inc. and containers were everywhere, starting with a dedicated container pre-day, then with constant traffic to the Docker booth, and many shared container success stories.Build is usually a three-day event, but this year saw the very first pre-day – run jointly by Docker and Microsoft. “Container Fest” was a whole-day event focused on containers and Docker, running on Windows and Linux, on-premises and in Azure.

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Betty Junod

The Latest Docker Certified Container and Plugins for March and April 2017

The Docker Certification Program provides a way for technology partners to validate and certify their software or plugin as a container for use on the Docker Enterprise Edition platform.  Since the initial launch of the program in March, more Containers and Plugins have been certified and available for download.   Certified Containers and Plugins are technologies that are built with best practices as Docker containers, tested and validated against the Docker Enterprise Edition platform and APIs, pass security requirements, reviewed by Docker partner engineering and cooperatively supported by both Docker and the partner. Docker Enterprise Edition and Certified Technology provide assurance and support to businesses for their critical application infrastructure. Check out the latest Docker Certified technologies to the Docker Store: Dynatrace provides monitoring Docker applications and Docker clusters out of the box. {code} by Dell EMC certified a number of REX-ray Continue reading…

Mano Marks

DockerCon Hands-on Labs now online

One of more popular activities at DockerCon is our Hands-on Labs, where you can learn to use the Docker tools you see announced on stage, or talked about in the breakout sessions. This year we had eight labs for people to work through, ranging from 20 minutes to an hour in length. We’ve now moved these apps into the Docker Labs Repo so that everyone can use them. The Docker Labs Repo is where we put a bunch of learning content for people who want to learn Docker, from beginner to advanced security and networking labs. Here are the new labs: Continuous Integration With Docker Cloud In this lab, you will learn how to configure a continuous integration (CI) pipeline for a web application using Docker Cloud’s automated build features. Docker Swarm Orchestration Beginner and Advanced In this lab, you will play around Continue reading…

Karen Bajza

Mentorship in the Docker Community: How you can get involved

Mentorship is an important part of the Docker Community. Over the past few global event series like the Docker Birthday #3 and Mentor week last year, advanced users attended their local event and helped attendees work through training materials. As interest in mentorship continues to grow, we’re excited to grow our programs and provide more opportunities for the community to get involved. New this year at DockerCon, we organized a Mentor Summit for attendees to learn the ins and outs of being an awesome mentor both in industry and in the Docker Community. Check out the talks below and learn how you can get involved. Anna Osswoski – How to Mentor and be a Great One & Sebastiaan van Stijn – How To Contribute to Open Source   Jérôme Petazzoni – A DockerCon 2017 Recap: give a talk in your local Continue reading…

Jenny Burcio

DockerCon Europe Registration and Call for Proposals are OPEN

DockerCon 2017 in Austin was amazing! We are still on a high from the energy and excitement that is created when 5,500 members of the Docker Community are in one place. Containers are everywhere, and the learning, inspiration and networking that those four days brings is unrivaled. We welcomed amazing speakers, made tons of meaningful connections and are already geared up to do it again for DockerCon Europe: October 16 – 19th in Copenhagen! Early Bird registration is now open, hurry up and get your ticket before they sell out.   Register for DockerCon Europe!   In addition, today we opened the DockerCon Copenhagen Call for Papers. We hope that you were inspired by the Moby Project and LinuxKit announcements and are looking forward to your submissions on the following: Using Docker Has Docker technology made you better at what you do? Is Docker an integral Continue reading…