Open Source at Docker, Part 1: The People

Arnaud Porterie

The Docker open source project is among the most successful in recent history by every possible metric: number of contributors, GitHub stars, commit frequency, etc. Managing an open source project at that scale and preserving a healthy community doesn’t come without challenges.

This post is the first of a 3-part series on how we deal with those challenges on the Docker Engine project, starting with the most important aspect of all: the people.

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Congrats to the Winners of the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship!

Daniela Kronenberg

The DockerCon team is excited to announce the recipients of our inaugural DockerCon Diversity Scholarship Program! The DockerCon Diversity Scholarship aims to provide support and guidance to members of the Docker Community who are traditionally underrepresented through mentorship and a scholarship to attend DockerCon.

This year’s recipients demonstrated their enthusiasm to learn about Docker by participating and completing the Docker 3rd Birthday App Tutorial. Their excitement and eagerness to connect with the Docker community stood them out amongst the many highly qualified applications we received.Continue Reading

Docker Online Meetup #39: Docker Security

Adam Herzog

During this week’s Docker Online Meetup, Director of Security at Docker, Inc. Nathan McCauley joined us to discuss all things related to Docker security!

The meetup started with Nathan presenting on securing the software supply chain with Docker (read this blog post on the recently GA Docker Security Scanning for more info). At the end of his presentation, Nathan answered attendees’ questions about Docker security. Scroll down to watch the recorded video and slides from Nathan’s presentation at Docker Online Meetup #39.Continue Reading

Docker All The Things at OSCON!

Adam Herzog

Last week, the Docker team headed to Austin for OSCON for a week packed full of containers and open source!

The official conference agenda featured many Docker talks including a keynote session (complete with live open sourcing of the core technology that powers the Docker for Mac and Windows desktop applications!) from Solomon Hykes, two packed workshops with Jérôme Petazzoni and a full day of sessions on containers with talks from Rackspace, IBM, Datadog, Avant, Couchbase and of course Docker. The local Docker Austin meetup group hosted an evening event on Tuesday with talks on Docker Security Scanning and Docker and unikernels. The Docker team also staffed a booth in the expo hall to answer questions from OSCON attendees.

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Webinar Q&A: Scanning Images and Ensuring Secure Content with Docker Security Scanning

Chris Hines

A few weeks back we released Docker Security Scanning. The tool formerly known as Nautilus provides binary scanning of images on a layer by layer basis. It then provides teams with the actionable intelligence they need in or to ensure they are leveraging secure base images as they build their applications, helping to secure the application delivery pipeline. The feature is available today as a free preview within Docker Cloud.Continue Reading

Learn Docker at DockerCon 2016: Exclusive trainings for DockerCon attendees!

Ray Kung

We are excited to offer special full day training classes exclusive to DockerCon 2016 attendees immediately following the conference on Wednesday. After all the excitement of DockerCon, this day is to help you go into the fundamentals of Docker.
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Share your love for Docker for Mac and Windows in a #DockerVideo

Betty Junod

Since the launch of the Docker for Mac and Windows apps in late March, there have been tens of thousands of requests – over 30,000 users in just the first 24 hours! First of all, THANK YOU! Your support and enthusiasm is what drives us to build the best Docker experience for local development.

Speaking of enthusiasm, we also enjoyed how the enthusiasm was expressed through some really funny tweets.

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Good things come in small “containers”: Ingredients for a successful birthday party

Victor Coisne
written by Alex Giurgiu and Valentin Stoican, Seqvence

For Docker’s 3rd birthday, the Docker team decided to organize a challenge to teach people Docker, and hopefully have some fun at the same time. It was a great event, with over 1180 people completing the assignment participating in 220 locations around the world.

In this article, we will describe the way we leveraged Docker tools to create a platform capable of handling thousands of requests and testing more than 10,000 containers.Continue Reading