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5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Docker Global Hack Day #3



Docker Global Hack Day #3 is just around the corner! Hacking starts on Wednesday, September 16th and runs through Monday, September 21st.

Check out the list of local meetups holding events. If you don’t see one in your neck of the woods, join us online!

There are plenty of reasons why you should join, but below are the Docker team’s top 5 reasons why you should participate in Docker Global Hack Day!


Your Docker Agenda for September

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.34.03 PMEven though everyone is talking about Docker Global Hack Day #3, there are plenty of great events in Docker communities near you to attend!

From meetups to conference talks and webinars to workshops, check out our list of the events coming up in September:



DockerCon EU 2015: CFP has been extended!

A big thank you to all of you who submitted for DockerCon Europe 2015. The CFP closed yesterday and we’re thrilled by the quality and number of submissions. We have already received many requests from people who have missed the deadline or could not get their talk approved on time by their companies.



Docker Global Hack Day #3: Thoughts from Previous Hackathon Hackers, Cool Hack Ideas & Additional Cities

Docker Global Hack Day is coming up on Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st!

Submit Your Hack Ideas!

or check out already submitted hack ideas!



Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.34.03 PMTwo Docker-run hackathon veterans, George Lewis and Charlie Lewis, shared their thoughts on participating in these hackathons. Also, more cities around the world announced their local Docker Global Hack Day meetups!

Scroll down to see what George and Charlie think about participating in Docker Global Hack Day, the entire list of cities holding local meetups, submitted hack ideas, and the prizes for winning hacks along with more information including the rules and categories for Docker Global Hack Day. (more…)

How UI Became a Thing at Docker



written by Chris Biscardi, UI Engineer, Docker


There are more people at Docker that write Go than write JavaScript. In early August 2014, I joined Docker as the only person whose primary job description was to ship UI. My long term task was to figure out how to enable the UI Engineers and Designers we were assuredly going to hire. Remember, the task of Docker is to “build tools of mass innovation” not “write maintainable css through the proper application of BEM“.

The state of the world when I was hired resembled something pretty typical in the early days of a project. We mostly had Django rendered pseudo-static html pages which were then enhanced in various ways with client-side javascript. Maintainability was generally poor and a rewrite was called for for various reasons. Docker has seen tremendous growth over the past year. Along with that growth comes more projects and a greater need to build quickly to test ideas.


Docker at VMworld 2015: VMs are a Sound Infrastructure for Dockerized Applications

written by David Messina, Docker, Inc.


VMware’s announcements both today and last year at VMworld are reflective of the efforts we’re seeing among our ecosystem partners as they continue to optimize their infrastructure solutions for Dockerized applications. The approach that VMware is taking is an interesting dual-strategy; one that makes their existing vSphere solution even better for Docker, while offering a new generation of applications through a solution that is centered on their minimalist Linux OS Photon. That type of investment is great validation of how pervasive Dockerized applications have become in the enterprise since we first announced our partnership last year.


We Had a Whale of a Time at LinuxCon and ContainerCon!

Docker and the Docker team made quite a splash in Seattle last week at LinuxConContainerCon and all of the other co-located events!


Below are some of the Docker team’s favorite memories from the week.


Recap: Docker 1.8 Online Meetup Series

notaryMissed our three-part series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release?

Don’t worry! We recorded each session and posted the videos for you to watch.


Our series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release started with Core Maintainer David Calavera presenting an overview of the new features and upgrades available in this release. Sr. Software Engineer David Lawrence then provided a comprehensive look at Docker Content Trust, the system powering image signing.


No More Excuses! Five Reasons to Submit a Proposal for DockerCon Europe 2015

We’ve all been there—you consider speaking at an industry conference, but then talk yourself out of it. You think, “I’m not an expert, why would someone want to listen to me?” Give yourself the credit you deserve: you know more than you think you do.

Speaking at DockerCon Europe 2015 is a great way to establish yourself in the community, learn, and connect with your peers! If you’re still not convinced, read on for five reasons to submit your speaking proposal before September 1, 2015.  


Webinar FAQ: The Value of Docker Support and Subscription

Screenshot 2015-08-23 23.57.24At Docker, we believe that a vibrant commercial company and open source project can co-exist and in fact their mutual success is linked together. For those of you who have been with us since our open source beginnings, our first “value of support” webinar may have given you pause to think “hey, don’t try to sell me things” or “are you selling out?” However, software support is something that our users have been asking for as their use of Docker grows in their organization.

Our commercial solutions are built using the open source tool with packaging, support and maintenance to match the service levels that our users provide their own customers. Running a production environment is a complex mix of technology, process and people – all coordinating to keep their consumer experience with the application amazing. One piece of that is to have clear and defined ways to engage with companies (like Docker) for support, maintenance and validation of their operating environment. In this blog post, we once again rounded up all the great questions from the webinar to share with everyone.