Mike Coleman

Walk, Jog, Run: Getting Smarter About Docker

  I’ve spent most of the summer traveling to and speaking at a lot of different trade shows: EMC World, Cisco Live!, VMworld, HP Discover, Dockercon, and LinuxCon (as well as some meetups and smaller gatherings). A lot of the time, I’m speaking to people who are just getting familiar with Docker. They may have read an article or have had someone walk into their office and say “This Docker thing, so hot right now. Go figure it out”. Certainly there are a number of companies running Docker in production, but there are still many who are asking fundamental questions about what Docker is, and how it can benefit their organization. To help folks out in that regard, I wrote an eBook. After someone gets a grasp on what Docker is, they tend to want to dive in and start Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Introducing Two New Community Repositories: Docker Labs and Docker Community

The sheer amount of Docker content created by the community is amazing. From articles on all the different open source components to slide decks of commercial platforms, chances are the content you’re looking for in the Docker community already exists. Check out this collection of content including Docker tutorials, how-to guides, slides from the Docker community and more that we curate for you every day. You can also take a look at the Docker Weekly archives for the latest editions of the Docker Weekly newsletter.

Victor Coisne

Docker Birthday #3: Thank you Docker community!

Gracias, merci, danke, obrigado, рақмет сізге, tak, धन्यवाद, cảm ơn bạn, شكرا, mulțumesc, asante, ευχαριστώ, thank you Docker community! While we originally planned for 40 Docker Birthday #3 celebrations worldwide with 1,000 attendees, over 8,000 people registered to attend one of the 125 celebrations across 5 continents! A huge thank you to all the Docker meetup organizers who worked hard to make these celebrations happen and offer Docker beginners an opportunity to participate in hands on Docker tutorials. In case you missed it last week, check out the pics from all of the #dockerbday celebrations including the awesome birthday cakes!

Victor Coisne

Video Tutorials to Prepare for the Docker Birthday #3 Training!

To help everyone get ready for the introductory training component of each training, Elton Stoneman created video tutorials on how to set up Docker on your machine. Have you RSVP’d for one of the over 100 Docker Birthday #3 celebrations? Click here to join your local meetup’s Docker training for beginners! Are you a Docker expert or advanced user? Sign up to be a mentor to help newcomers learn Docker! Below are the videos along with detailed instructions on how to prepare your work environment for the training.

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Vivek Saraswat

Tutorial: Role Based Access Control in Universal Control Plane

It’s been an exciting time for us since we released Docker Datacenter a couple of week ago, which included the GA of Universal Control Plane (UCP), our on-premises or VPC deployable management and orchestration solution for containers. Thank you for the enthusiastic response, and we’ll continue to deliver enterprise-grade feature sets into the Docker Datacenter platform. One such feature we delivered in UCP 1.0 was Role Based Access Control (RBAC)—deciding and enforcing who gets access to which resources. This is a really important and complex component of commercial IT infrastructure. This tutorial walks through how the feature is implemented in UCP and demonstrating it with an example.

Betty Junod

#SwarmWeek: It’s a Wrap – Thanks Y’all!

Thank You. Wow what a week! When we first brainstormed Swarm Week, it was to help spread awareness of Docker Swarm to the community. What we did not anticipate was the tremendous support from the community to proactively share your knowledge, experiences and experiments with each other so publicly. We had a lot of fun starting new conversations and learning about what people are doing with Swarm. Our hope is that this week inspires you to try something new and push your Swarm to the limit. If you missed any part of Swarm Week, here is the recap of some useful tutorials, case studies and articles designed to enhance your knowledge of Docker Swarm.

Betty Junod

#SwarmWeek: Video Tutorials to Join Your First Docker Swarm Cluster

For #SwarmWeek, our goal is not only to get you educated and comfortable with Docker Swarm, but to evaluate it by setting up your first cluster. So we created a video tutorial series to help you walk through the exact commands and configuration you need to get started. Follow along this three video series and you will setup a basic Swarm cluster with a high availability configuration and setup TLS for secure communications. You’ll learn everything you need to set-up a production environment. So let’s get to it!

Victor Coisne


It’s finally here! As promised a few weeks ago, we are exited to announce that the 2nd Dockerfile tutorial is now ready! Following the same format than the previous one, the level 2 will help you learn all you need to know about three additional instructions: ENTRYPOINT, USER, EXPOSE You have already completed level 1 but need a reminder about the first set of instructions? No worries, level 2 includes a few examples and questions that should help you remember the basis of the Dockerfile syntax. If you have not completed level 1 yet, we advise you to do so prior to move on to level 2: Start with level 1  Ready for level 2? Lets get started: Dockerfile tutorial level 2