Jenny Fong

IT Starts with Docker

Happy SysAdmin Day! Cheers to all of you who keep your organizations running, keep our data secure, respond at a moment’s notice and bring servers and apps back to life after a crash. Today we say, “Thank You!” Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on accomplishments of the last year: the projects you’ve completed, the occasions you’ve saved your company money or time, the new technology you’ve learned. In a role like IT, so much can change each year as technology progresses and becomes more challenging to stay ahead of that curve. So this SysAdmin Day, we at Docker want to congratulate your past successes and prepare you for the year to come. Containers are not just for developers anymore and Docker is the standard for packaging all kinds of applications – Windows, Linux, traditional, and microservices. Over the next few months, Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Happy Infrastructure Engineers + System Administrator Appreciation Day!

To celebrate National Infrastructure Engineers and System Administrators Day, we asked the IT pros to tweet us their tips and tricks. After narrowing the submissions to five — here are the top shared life hacks in 140 characters (or less).

Cari Scardina

National Infrastructure Engineers / System Administrator Appreciation Day

National Infrastructure Engineers / System Administrator Appreciation Day is just around the corner. Each year, on the last Friday in July we praise the heroes that keep our organizations running smoothly.

Victor Coisne

Happy SysAdmin Day: Our Favorite SysAdmin War Stories

Thank you everyone who submitted and be sure to thank your SysAdmins today! We received so many awesome submissions, it was very difficult to pick only a few war stories to share. Members of the Docker team voted and picked our top SysAdmin war story – congratulations to Sam Burton for submitting our favorite story! But we also wanted to share some of the other great entries – scroll down to read more SysAdmin war stories. Happy SysAdmin Day!

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