Mano Marks

DockerCon 2017: Moby’s Cool Hack sessions

Every year at DockerCon, we expand the bounds of what Docker can do with new features and products. And every day, we see great new apps that are built on top of Docker. And yet, there’s always a few that stand out not just for being cool apps, but for pushing the bounds of what you can do with Docker. This year we had two great apps that we featured in the Docker Cool Hacks closing keynote. Both hacks came from members of our Docker Captains program, a group of people from the Docker community who are recognized by Docker as very knowledgeable about Docker, and contribute quite a bit to the community. Play with Docker The first Cool Hack was Play with Docker by Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky. Marcos and Jonathan actually were featured in the Cool Hacks Continue reading…

Jenny Burcio

Your Guide to ContainerCamp UK

#ContainerCamp UK kicks off tomorrow in the heart of London’s Piccadilly and we can hardly contain our excitement. There are loads of Docker talks that you won’t want to miss!   Friday, September 9th   9:55 am: Ben Firshman, Director of Product Management at Docker – Building serverless apps with Docker Everyone’s talking about serverless right now. For good reason – it’s makes distributed apps much simpler to build, scale, and maintain. In this session, Ben will demonstrate how you can use Docker to mix in serverless techniques – right now – and how serverless is going to change how you build distributed apps in the future.   11:15 am: Nishant Totla, Docker Software Engineer – Orchestrating Linux containers while tolerating failures Management of containers in production requires special care in order to keep the application up and running. In this Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Moby’s Cool Hacks

Those of you who have attended previous DockerCons or watched the videos already know that with the help of the community, the Docker team tries it’s best to end each conference with a bang! From Docker running on small IoT hardware devices (Raspberry Pi) to the biggest iron (IBM mainframes) to live migrating a Quake container around the world or running unikernels in Docker, DockerCon closing keynotes, also known as Moby’s Cool Hacks, aim to give everyone a sneak peak into what’s next for the Docker community. Check out the videos from the previous DockerCons to see the cool hacks and demos that stood out of the Docker team and Community.

Ben Firshman

Building serverless apps with Docker

Every now and then, there are waves of technology that threaten to make the previous generation of technology obsolete.  There has been a lot of talk about a technique called “serverless” for writing apps. The idea is to deploy your application as a series of functions, which are called on-demand when they need to be run. You don’t need to worry about managing servers, and these functions scale as much as you need, because they are called on-demand and run on a cluster. But serverless doesn’t mean there is no Docker – in fact, Docker is serverless. You can use Docker to containerize these functions, then run them on-demand on a Swarm. Serverless is a technique for building distributed apps and Docker is the perfect platform for building them on. From servers to serverless So how might we write applications like Continue reading…

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