Chris Hines

Docker Basics Webinar Q&A: Understanding Union Filesystems, Storage and Volumes

Our latest Docker webinar is part of a three session series that dives into Docker storage from outlining the basics, to considerations for planning and best practices.  Our first session goes back to the basics to explain how images, storage and volumes work in Docker. There are two more sessions coming up about Docker Storage – register now to save your seat! • Docker Storage Considerations – October 13th at 10:00 am PDT • Persistent Storage, Data and Docker – October 27th at 10:00 PDT Our speaker from this session, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer Mike Coleman takes on the questions from the webinar in this blog post:

Victor Coisne

Dockercon video: LXC to Docker via Continuous Delivery

In this video, Michael Neale from CloudBees reveals the lessons they learned from using Docker, including how to build/test and continuously deploy images.        Learn More Read about how CloudBees uses Jenkins with Docker Docker Events and Meetup View the list of upcoming events & meetup Find a Docker meetup group Try Docker and stay up-to-date Try our online tutorial Sign up for Docker Weekly

Solomon Hykes

List of publicly available docker images

Hey dockers, I get a lot of requests for a way to find publicly available docker images. The registry team is working on exactly that. While we wait, I put together a wiki page so we can all list images. Feel free to add your own, add requests, +1 requests etc.