Adam Herzog

Docker Global Hack Day #3: Thoughts from Previous Hackathon Hackers, Cool Hack Ideas & Additional Cities

Docker Global Hack Day is coming up on Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st! Check out the submitted hack ideas! Two Docker-run hackathon veterans, George Lewis and Charlie Lewis, shared their thoughts on participating in these hackathons. Also, more cities around the world announced their local Docker Global Hack Day meetups! Scroll down to see what George and Charlie think about participating in Docker Global Hack Day, the entire list of cities holding local meetups, submitted hack ideas, and the prizes for winning hacks along with more information including the rules and categories for Docker Global Hack Day.

Adam Herzog

Announcing Docker Global Hack Day #3

The next Docker Global Hack Day will run from Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st! Docker Global Hack Day #1 and #2 were a big success thanks to you, and we expect this year to be even better and bigger with the involvement of more Docker hackers worldwide. Submit Your Hack Ideas! The San Francisco edition will kickoff with talks by Marianna Tessel, SVP of Engineering at Docker and other members of the core team, who will share some updates about new features included in the latest release of Docker and how they facilitate the creation and management of distributed applications. The talks and demo will be livestreamed and recorded, so that every Docker meetup group and Docker hacker participating will be able to learn about those new features and announcements. Everyone is welcome to join the Docker Global Hack Day either Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Global Hack Day Demo Videos

The biggest Docker event (so far)! This week was the first-of-its-kind Docker Global Hack Day! The growing number of Docker meetup groups around the globe has convinced us to organize an event that would bring the whole Docker community together despite the time difference. Such a global event would have never been possible without the engagement of every participants and the help of our meetup group co-organizers that managed to find places to host local editions of the Global Hack Day. With more than 400 participants worldwide (including the people registered for the remote edition) and 8 local editions, we are very thankful for such an awesomely active community. With such a great push from the community, we are confident that both Docker itself and upcoming Docker events will only get better and better. We have received numerous videos of Continue reading…