Betty Junod

Imagine Yourself on the DockerCon Stage

We want to hear from you Share your story of how Docker and containers work for you at DockerCon EU in Barcelona Dec 3-5, 2018. DockerCon is the industry-leading container conference where thought leaders and the community of developers, IT professionals, architects and business leaders come together to learn, discover and engage with each other. Part of the learning experience is hearing about the possibilities of containerization from other teams using containers. Don’t be shy about proposing your idea – no topic is too small or too big. For every presentation given, there are hundreds of people who learn and relate to the experience and insights that you share.  Some of the best talks have come from people just like you — and for some, DockerCon is their very first time public speaking. Our team is standing by to help with any Continue reading…

Mano Marks

DockerCon SF 2018 Cool Hacks Spotlight: Kubeflow

The closing keynote at DockerCon is traditionally the Cool Hacks keynote. This year, we featured three great hacks showing off innovative uses of Docker. In this post, I’d like to highlight one in particular, the Kubeflow demo with David Aronchick, and Michelle Casbon. Machine Learning (ML) is becoming increasing popular, and important to enterprises. Kubeflow is an ML toolkit for Kubernetes, developed by Google. It’s a dedicated, portable and scalable approach to machine learning, using tools you’re already using to deploy other applications. It’s great because data scientists can use it to test out model creation on their laptops. And data engineers can take the models and use the power of Docker Enterprisein the cloud to further train and use the models in production. In their demo, David and Michelle showed building an app using Kubeflow first with Docker Desktop and then Continue reading…

Patrick Chanezon

Containerd, BuildKit and a Reflection about the Enduring Value of Docker Engine

Two weeks ago was our eighth DockerCon in just four years. Our community of contributors, developers, IT users, enterprises and ecosystem partners has grown exponentially into the millions,  anchored on our founder Solomon Hykes’ simple premise of democratizing the use of the software container. Today as was from the beginning, Docker creates simple tooling and a universal packaging approach that bundles up all application dependencies inside the container.  Docker Engine enables applications to run anywhere consistently on any infrastructure, solving “dependency hell” for developers and operations teams, and eliminating the “it works on my laptop!” problem. In the past 2 years, Docker Engine’s codebase has been refactored into several reusable components, the most important being containerd, the core container runtime, and BuildKit, the part of Docker Engine used to build images. In the contribute and collaborate track at DockerCon, Michael Continue reading…

DockerCon 2018: Top 5 Rated Sessions

We are happy to share the videos from the top 5 rated sessions from last week’s DockerCon 2018 in San Francisco. The DockerCon on-demand sessions videos are ready for you to explore.

Note: The Ecosystem sessions will not be available.

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Jenny Fong

DockerCon Guest Speaker: Liberty Mutual

In yesterday’s DockerCon keynote, Eric Drobisewski, Senior Architect at Liberty Mutual Insurance, shared how Docker Enterprise Edition has been a foundational technology for their digital transformation. If you missed it, the replay of the keynote is available below:  Turning Disruption into Opportunities Liberty Mutual – the 3rd largest property and casualty insurance provider in the United States –  recognizes that the new digital economy is bringing a faster cycle of technology evolution. Disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles and smart homes are changing the way customers interact and transact. Liberty Mutual sees these as opportunities to bring new services to market and ways to reinvent traditional insurance models, but they needed to become more flexible and agile while managing their technical debt. Rapid Expansion of Docker Enterprise Edition As a 106-year old company, Liberty Mutual recognized that they were not Continue reading…

Betty Junod

Day 1 Keynote Highlights from DockerCon San Francisco 2018

Hello from San Francisco! Tuesday we kicked off the first day of DockerCon with general session jam packed with inspiration, demos and customer guest speakers. Steve Singh, our CEO and Chairman opened the session with Docker’s promise to ensure freedom of choice, agility in development and operations and pervasive security in a container platform that can help unlock the potential for innovation in every company. Docker will deliver an integrated toolset with a delightful user experience that needs innovators like you. Day one also featured three demos of new technologies capabilities for both Docker Desktop and Docker Enterprise Edition. These features are not yet generally available but released and those interested in the beta can sign up here to be notified. Docker Desktop features a graphical user interface, templates and workflows in addition to existing CLI to make it easy for new Continue reading…

Trisha McCanna

Register for the DockerCon San Francisco 2018 Livestream

For those of you who can’t make it to DockerCon 2018 in San Francisco, June 12-15, you don’t have to miss out on the exciting news coming live at the event. We are happy to share that the General Sessions on both Day 1 and Day 2, as well as Moby’s Cool Hacks on Day 2 at DockerCon will be live streamed from San Francisco. For those looking to attend DockerCon SF Live there are a few tickets left. Don’t miss your last chance to register. Find out about the latest Docker announcements live from Steve Singh (CEO) and Scott Johnston (Chief Product Officer) and enjoy the highly technical demos the Docker team has prepared for you! Livestream schedule: General Session Day 1 – 6/13 – 9 to 10:30am PDT General Session Day 2 – 6/14 – 9 to 10:30am PDT Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

What are Docker Captains looking forward to at DockerCon?

With less than 6 weeks until DockerCon 2018, we can barely contain our excitement! From their favorite tips and tricks for using Docker in production or levering Docker for Machine Learning, Docker Captains come together at DockerCon to share their knowledge and collaborate with the broader community. We’ve asked Docker Captains to share what they are most looking forward to at DockerCon. Here are some of their responses.     “I’m looking forward to meeting the many other Docker enthusiasts and champions and listening to other cool things that Docker makes possible” – Kinnary Jangla, Pinterest “ In 2015, I attended DockerCon for the first time. I was sitting in a chair and listening to the amazing stories and ideas presented by speakers at the conference, which set off a chain of events that led to today. I feel privileged, Continue reading…