Jeff Morgan

Introducing the New Docker Hub

Today, we’re excited to announce that Docker Store and Docker Cloud are now part of Docker Hub, providing a single experience for finding, storing and sharing container images. This means that: Docker Certified and Verified Publisher Images are now available for discovery and download on Docker Hub Docker Hub has a new user experience   Millions of individual users and more than a hundred thousand organizations use Docker Hub, Store and Cloud for their container content needs. We’ve designed this Docker Hub update to bring together the features that users of each product know and love the most, while addressing known Docker Hub requests around ease of use, repository and team management. Here’s what’s new: Repositories View recently pushed tags and automated builds on your repository page Pagination added to repository tags Improved repository filtering when logged in on the Continue reading…

Docker Hub Improvements

Docker Hub has become an integral part of the Docker experience for our incredible community. As our user community has scaled exponentially, we have begun to put significant effort into improving its scale, performance and reliability. A number of these changes have happened through new software releases, but we also have made significant upgrades in hardware which happened during our recent scheduled maintenance window.