Mike Coleman

Docker at Tech Field Day 12

Docker will be presenting at Tech Field Day 12, and you can sit in on the sessions – at least virtually. Tech Field Day is an opportunity for IT practitioners to hear from some of the leading technology companies, and Docker is excited to be participating again. Many thanks to Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth for cultivating a vibrant community of technical leaders and evangelists and inviting us to participate. Looking forward to meeting more of the delegates. Our session will be Wednesday, November 16th, from 4:30 to 6:30pm Pacific. We have a full slate of topics including: Docker Datacenter: What is Docker Datacenter and how can it help organizations implement their own Container as a Service platform. Docker for Windows Server: An overview of the integration of Docker containers and Windows Server 2016. Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure: Continue reading…

Mano Marks

Voting with Docker: A little break from the election

You may have heard, there’s an election for president (and many other posts) going on in the US today. For those who already voted, who want a break from voting, or just want to create a new quiz for their friends, we have the Docker Example Voting App. And we’ve even created a poll to help you figure out the best quiz to make. Which #Docker voting app face off would you select? #TwitterPoll #ElectionDay — Docker (@docker) November 8, 2016 The voting app was created to showcase a number of features of Docker: Polyglot development environments: The app has Python, Node.js, and .NET code, as well as Redis and Postgres services. Easy deployment of a multi-service app with Docker Compose. Easy Docker Networking. All this using a simple $ docker-compose up. The Example Voting App has been really popular at Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Docker Distributed System Summit videos & podcast episodes

Following LinuxCon Europe in Berlin last week, we organized a first of its kind Docker event called Docker Distributed Systems Summit. This two day event was an opportunity for core Docker engineers and Docker experts from the community to learn, collaborate, problem-solve and hack around the next generation of distributed systems in areas such as orchestration, networking, security and storage. More specifically, the goal of the summit was to dive deep into Docker’s infrastructure plumbing tools and internals: SwarmKit, InfraKit, Hyperkit, Notary, libnetwork, IPVS, Raft, TUF and provide attendees with the working knowledge of how to leverage these tools while building their own systems. We’re happy to share with you all the videos recordings, slides and audio files available as #dockercast episodes! Youtube playlist Podcast playlist All the slides from the summit are available on the official Docker slideshare account. Please Continue reading…

Jana Radhakrishnan

Docker Networking Design Philosophy

From the experimental networking in Docker 1.7 to the initial release in Docker 1.9, the reception from the community has been fantastic! First of all we want to thank you for all the discussions, evaluations, PRs and filed issues. As the networking capabilities evolving with every release, we wanted to spend some time explaining the guiding principles behind the design.

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Mano Marks

Docker Compose and Networking: Easy, secure apps at scale

  When we released Docker 1.10 and Docker Compose 1.6 on February 4th, we provided you with an easy way to build a fully featured and scalable app. It’s amazing what you can do with just one simple file. I am constantly impressed what a docker-compose up gets you now. Networks and Volumes are now first class citizens of Docker Compose. That gives you a lot of control, allowing you to for instance put individual services on more than one network, and easily share volumes.

Docker Core Engineering

Docker 1.10: New Compose file, improved security, networking and much more!

We’re pleased to announce Docker 1.10, jam-packed with stuff you’ve been asking for. It’s now much easier to define and run complex distributed apps with Docker Compose. The power that Compose brought to orchestrating containers is now available for setting up networks and volumes. On your development machine, you can set up your app with multiple network tiers and complex storage configurations, replicating how you might set it up in production. You can then take that same configuration from development, and use it to run your app on CI, on staging, and right through into production. Check out the blog post about the new Compose file to find out more.

Chris Hines

Webinar Q&A: Docker Networking

Many enterprises have moved from monolithic to microservices architectures, and are using Docker to help manage these services. With loosely coupled services existing in multiple containers, these containers must be able to communicate with one another, and sometimes even exist in multiple networks at a time. Docker makes this extremely easy for developers and IT operations teams. We have found that enterprises today are using Docker and our pluggable architecture (plugins with Microsoft, Cisco, Vmware, Weave, and other) for multi-segmentation, multi-tenancy, as well as cloud portability.

Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetups #28 and #29: Production-Ready Docker Swarm and Docker Networking is Now GA

This week, we hosted two Docker Online Meetups. The first on Wednesday featured Alexander Beslic presenting on production-ready Swarm. For the second one on Thursday, Madhu Venugopal discussed the recently-GA Docker Networking. Below are the recorded videos and slides from both presentations.