Aanand Prasad

Live Debugging with Docker

During the DockerCon 2016 keynote, I demonstrated a development workflow with Docker for Mac, going from a fresh laptop to a running app in no time. The especially cool part was when I live-debugged a Node.js app running inside a container from my IDE, despite having no Node.js runtime installed on my laptop. Here I’m going to show you how to do it yourself. Here’s what you’ll need: Docker: I recommend Docker for Mac or Windows, which are in public beta. An IDE which supports Node.js remote debugging: I used Visual Studio Code. A Node.js application: I’ll create a simple one as part of this tutorial.   Example Application Create a directory to work from: $ mkdir node-example $ cd node-example To get our app running, we’ll need 5 files: A JavaScript file to contain the actual app code A package.json Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2016: Deep Dive into Docker for Developers

There were many awesome announcements at DockerCon 2016 but we are super excited to open the Docker for Mac and Windows beta to everyone! During DockerCon 2016, several presentations highlighted these efforts to bring a native Docker experience to Mac and Windows, making it easier for developers to work with Docker in their own environments. Watch the sessions below to learn more!

Matt Aimonetti

How Docker for Mac helps me sleep better at night

My name is Matt Aimonetti, I’m the co-founder and CTO of Splice. At Splice, we built a cloud platform for music producers, this platform is made of elements engineers often take for granted. We invented version control for music, a distributed collaboration flow and a subscription based marketplace for samples, loops presets and MIDI. All that without changing the creation tools musicians already know and like. I’m a developer and an entrepreneur, the last thing I want to worry about are ops concerns.

Mano Marks

Announcing the Docker for Mac and Windows Public Beta

Back in March, we launched a private beta for a new ambitious project called Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows. Our major goal was to bring a native Docker experience to Mac and Windows, making it easier for developers to work with Docker in their own environments. And thousands agreed. Over thirty thousand applied in the first 24 hours. And by last week, we let in over seventy thousand. And now all you need to get started developing is Docker and a text editor. No more installing dependencies and runtimes just to debug applications.

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Betty Junod

Meet the #DockerVideo Contest Winners!

It has been a fun two weeks since we launched the #DockerVideo contest. Thank you for all the submissions, likes and retweets but most importantly, thanks for being part of the Docker for Mac and Windows beta.

Betty Junod

Share your love for Docker for Mac and Windows in a #DockerVideo

Since the launch of the Docker for Mac and Windows apps in late March, there have been tens of thousands of requests – over 30,000 users in just the first 24 hours! First of all, THANK YOU! Your support and enthusiasm is what drives us to build the best Docker experience for local development. Speaking of enthusiasm, we also enjoyed how the enthusiasm was expressed through some really funny tweets.

Anil Madhavapeddy

Improving Docker with Unikernels: Introducing HyperKit, VPNKit and DataKit

We’ve been working hard to build native Docker for Mac and Windows apps to ensure that your Docker experience  is as seamless as possible on the most popular developer operating systems. Docker for Mac and Windows include everything required to spin up a Linux Docker container that efficiently bridges storage and networking from the host into the Docker containers. They work transparently on both MacOS X and Windows, and require no other third party software. Docker has always been built on open-source foundations: Solomon Hykes is presenting a keynote today at OSCON 2016 about the incremental revolution that the firehose of collaborative open source development has enabled throughout Docker’s history.  Today, we are adding to our existing open source contributions by open sourcing the core technology that powers the Docker for Mac and Windows desktop applications!

Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #36: Docker for Windows and Mac

Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are integrated, easy-to-deploy environments for building, assembling, and shipping applications from Mac or Windows. Docker for Mac and Windows contain many improvements over Docker Toolbox. During this week’s Docker Online Meetup, Product Managers Michael Chiang and Dave Tucker presented an overview of Docker for Mac and Windows followed by a demo of the beta and a Q&A session. Below are the recorded video and slides from the Docker Online Meetup.