Ben Firshman

Announcing Compose 1.3, Swarm 0.3 and Machine 0.3

As with the last update to Compose, Swarm and Machine, we’re releasing versions alongside the new version of Engine at DockerCon 2015. In all three projects we’ve made some big steps towards production readiness, stability, and new integrations such as Mesos support in Swarm.

Microsoft Demonstrates Docker in Build 2015 Keynote Address

Today Microsoft and Docker took the opportunity to talk about and demonstrate some of the progress we have been able to make together over the past 6 months. This culminated in to showing for the first time at Microsoft Build the Docker Engine running successfully on Windows Server. Like many companies just starting to work with Microsoft, we had some reservations about what we could ultimately accomplish together.

Victor Vieux

Announcing Docker 1.2.0

The hardworking folk at Docker, Inc. are proud to announce the release of version 1.2.0 of Docker. We’ve made improvements throughout the Docker platform, including updates to Docker Engine, Docker Hub, and our documentation. Highlights include these new features: restart policies We added a –restart flag to docker run to specify a restart policy for your container. Currently, there are three policies available: no – Do not restart the container if it dies. (default) on-failure – Restart the container if it exits with a non-zero exit code. Can also accept an optional maximum restart count (e.g. on-failure:5). always – Always restart the container no matter what exit code is returned. This deprecates the –restart flag on the Docker daemon. A few examples: Redis will endlessly try to restart if the container exits docker run –restart=always redis If redis exits with a non-zero Continue reading…