Jenny Burcio

2018 Docker Community Awards

    The Docker community has been at the heart of Docker’s success from the start. We are constantly in awe of the dedication and passion of the practitioners – users, customers, partners, contributors and maintainers – who make up our community. Early in December at DockerCon Barcelona we were humbled to honor a Docker Captain and a few very special Community Leaders whose activities over the past year have made a tremendous difference to us all. Together, the Docker Community has achieved so much, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. Tip of the Captains Hat Award Bret Fisher   Docker Captain (and Community Leader) Bret Fisher was nominated to receive this inaugural award by his fellow Captains because his contribution and leadership serve as an example of what it means to be a Docker Captain. Continue reading…

Adrian Mouat

Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains

My talk at DockerCon EU was designed to provide the audience with a bunch of tips for making the most of Docker. The tips were inspired by suggestions, blogs and presentations by other Docker Captains as well members of the larger Docker community. The motivation for the talk was to enable users to quickly gain a higher level of proficiency and understanding in Docker. The metaphor I use is with traditional carpentry tools; whilst a novice can pick up a saw and cut a piece of wood, an expert will be able to do the same job more quickly, more accurately, and with less frustration. The reason why is partly experience, but also because the expert has a more thorough understanding-of and affinity-with her tools. The tips in my talk are designed both to reduce frustration and increase efficiency when working with Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Docker Turns 4: Thank you Docker Community!

In case you missed it, this week we’re celebrating Docker’s 4th Birthday with meetups all over the world (check out #dockerbday on twitter). This feels like the right time to look back at the past 4 years and reflect on what makes the Docker Community so unique and vibrant: people, values, mentorship and learning opportunities. You can read our own Jérôme Petazzoni’s blog post for a more technical retrospective. Managing an open source project at that scale and preserving a healthy community doesn’t come without challenges. Last year, Arnaud Porterie wrote a very interesting 3-part series blog post on open source at Docker covering the different challenges associated with the People, the Process and the Tooling and Automation. The most important aspect of all being the people. Respect, fairness and openness are essential values required to create a welcoming environment for professionals and hobbyists alike. In Continue reading…

John Willis

New Dockercast episode and interview with Docker Captain Laura Frank

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the amazing Laura Frank. Laura is a developer focused on making tools for other developers.As an engineer at Codeship, she works on improving the Docker infrastructure and overall experience for users on Codeship. Previously, she worked on several open source projects to support Docker in the early stages of the project, including Panamax and ImageLayers. She currently lives in Berlin. Laura is also a Docker Captain, a distinction that Docker awards select members of the community that are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. As we do with all of these podcasts, we begin with a little bit of history of “How did you get here?” Then we dive into the Codeship offering and how it optimizes its delivery flow by using Docker containers Continue reading…

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John Willis

New Dockercast Episode with Docker Captain, Nirmal Mehta

In case you missed it, we recently launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast I catch up with Nirmal Mehta at Booz Allen Hamilton.  Nirmal has been a big part of the Docker community and is also a Docker Captain. Nirmal works with some large government organizations and we discussed why these types of institutions seemed to be early adopters of Docker.  As most would answer, speed was an obvious driver, however, we discuss that security was also an early driver.  Turns out due to tighter boundaries of Docker containers some of these organizations felt that the potential security opportunities stretched better than virtualization.  We discuss these ideas as well as what is it like to be a Docker Captain.     You can find the latest #Dockercast episodes on the Itunes Store or Continue reading…

Karen Bajza

Docker Online Meetup #42: Docker Captains Share Tips & Tricks for Using Docker 1.12

For this week’s Docker Online Meetup, Docker Captains Ajeet Singh Raina, Viktor Farcic and Bret Fisher shared their tips and tricks for built In Docker orchestration. Ajeet talked about the best ways to use Docker 1.12 Service Discovery and shared key takeaways. Viktor talked about best practices for setting a Swarm cluster and integrating it with HAProxy. Bret concluded the meetup with a presentation on Docker 1.12 command options and aliases including cli aliases for quick container management; the shortest path to secure production-ready swarm; how to use cli filters for easier management of larger swarms; and docker remote cli security setup.     Best ways to use Docker 1.12 Service Discovery by Docker Captain Ajeet Raina Scaling and clustering with Docker Swarm by Docker Captain Viktor Farcic Docker cli Tips and Tricks by Docker Captain Bret Fisher Want to learn more about Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #38: Docker Support in NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ

At the latest Docker Online Meetup, Docker Captain Arun Gupta from Couchbase joined us to discuss Docker support in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). A typical tool chain of Java developer consists of an IDE such as NetBeans, Eclipse, or IntelliJ. These IDEs assist in easily writing and debugging the Java application. They also provide features like syntax highlighting and code completion, which makes the developer more effective. All three IDEs provide support for building, pulling and pushing Docker images and running containers. This allows you to run your application or database server as Docker container from within the IDE itself. This live coding session shows the current state of Docker support in the three IDEs. Watch the recorded video and slides from Arun’s presentation for the Docker Online Meetup below.

Victor Coisne

Introducing the Docker Captains

We receive many requests from the Docker community for help identifying experts who can answer questions on different forums like Stack Overflow, share their knowledge in blog posts and online tutorials, and present at industry events like conferences and meetups. Today, we are proud to introduce the Docker community to the Docker Captains!