Lisa McNicol

Docker’s 6th Birthday: How do you #Docker?

    Docker is turning 6 years old! Over the years, Docker Community members have found some amazing and innovative ways of using Docker technology and we’ve been blown away by all the use-cases we’ve seen from the community at DockerCon. From Docker for Space where NASA used Docker technology to build software to deflect asteroids to using “gloo” to glue together traditional apps, microservices and serverless, you all continue to amaze us year over year. So this year, we want to celebrate you! From March 18th to the 31st, Docker User Groups all over the world will be hosting local birthday show-and-tell celebrations. Participants will each have 10-15 minutes of stage time to present how they’ve been using Docker. Think of these as lightning talks – your show-and-tell doesn’t need to be polished and it can absolutely be a fun hack and/or Continue reading…

Lisa McNicol

Docker Birthday #5: Thank you Docker Community! 

Last month, Docker turned five! In celebration of this milestone, we turned the spotlight on our amazing global community of customers, users, Community Leaders, Captains, mentors, partners and sponsors, and asked them to reflect on their Docker learning journey. Everyone came together to celebrate how far they had come, think about where they would like to go and take that next step towards reaching their goal. We had a lot of fun during the #dockerbday with the Quebec #Docker community! Thanks to @ingeno for sponsoring the event, @tnazare for the cake and for being an awesome mentor!  #dockerselfie #DockerQC — Julien Maitrehenry (@jmaitrehenry) March 23, 2018 We invite you to do the same. Whether you just want to test the waters, or want to dive right in, there are a variety of ways for you to take the next Continue reading…

David Messina

5 years later, Docker has come a long way

The evolution of Docker: From introducing a container runtime to building an enterprise-ready container platform Back in March 2013, Docker was introduced publicly for the first time during Docker founder, Solomon Hykes’ lightning talk at PyCon. Since that moment in 2013, Docker has evolved in conjunction with the needs of users and customers to drive innovation around security, orchestration, networking and more. From building out advanced security features across the software supply chain and offering the choice of both Swarm and Kubernetes, to developing Docker for Mac/Windows and the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) container platform, Docker has come a long way. Now at the age of five, Docker has millions of users and over 450 commercial customers – including hundreds of the world’s largest companies – that rely on Docker EE to power their digital and multi-cloud initiatives. The history of Continue reading…

David Messina

5 years later, where are you on your Docker journey?

Docker is turning five the week of March 19-25, 2018 and in celebration of this event, we would like to turn the spotlight to our users – the customers, partners, individuals and organizations that are using the Docker platform every day. From scientific use cases in the field of medical and space research to more traditional use cases in large banks and insurance companies, Docker’s adoption is only accelerating with everyone from individual developers to global corporations. Here are some of the key figures showing the widespread adoption of Docker across the community and within enterprises.   Docker has evolved from a container runtime to Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a secure enterprise-ready container platform that brings unmatched freedom of choice to enterprises, while providing a foundation for their digital and multi-cloud initiatives. Millions of users rely on Docker, downloading 100M container images a day, and over 450 companies have turned Continue reading…

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Karen Bajza

Docker Birthday #4: Thank you Docker Community!

Pақмет сізге, tak, धन्यवाद, cảm ơn bạn, شكرا, mulțumesc, gracias, merci, danke, obrigado, ευχαριστώ, köszönöm, thank you Docker community! From Des Moines to Santiago de Cuba, Budapest to Tel Aviv and Sydney to Cairo, it was so awesome to see the energy from the community coming together to celebrate and learn about Docker! We originally planned for 50 Docker Birthday #4 celebrations worldwide with 2,500 attendees. But over 9,000 people registered to attend one of the 152 celebrations across 5 continents! A huge thank you to all the Docker meetup organizers who worked hard to make these celebrations happen and offered Docker beginners the  opportunity to participate in hands on Docker labs. Join in on the fun! In case you missed it last week, check out the pics from all of the #DockerBday celebrations including the awesome birthday cakes! Check out the Facebook photo album too! Up Continue reading…

Karen Bajza

Announcing Docker Birthday #4: Spreading the Docker Love!

Community is at the heart of Docker and thanks to the hard work of thousands of maintainers, contributors, Captains, mentors, organizers, and the entire Docker community, the Docker platform is now used in production by companies of all sizes and industries. To show our love and gratitude, it has become a tradition for Docker and our awesome network of meetup organizers to host Docker Birthday #4 meetup celebrations all over the world. This year the celebrations will take place during the week of March 13-19, 2017. Come learn, mentor, celebrate, eat cake, and take an epic #dockerselfie! Docker Love We wanted to hear from the community about why they love Docker! Wellington Silva, Docker São Paulo meetup organizer said “Docker changed my life, I used to spend days compiling and configuring environments. Then I used to spend hours setting up Continue reading…

Karen Bajza

Help Docker’s Initiatives to Promote Tech Diversity Including Bump Up at DockerCon

Docker is actively working to improve opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities throughout the global ecosystem and promote diversity in the larger tech community. We’re proud to have contributed close to $100,000 in sponsorships, scholarships and complementary tickets to DockerCon. In addition to these funds, the Docker Team has launched and supports several ongoing initiatives with like-minded partners.

Victor Coisne

Good things come in small “containers”: Ingredients for a successful birthday party

written by Alex Giurgiu and Valentin Stoican, Seqvence For Docker’s 3rd birthday, the Docker team decided to organize a challenge to teach people Docker, and hopefully have some fun at the same time. It was a great event, with over 1180 people completing the assignment participating in 220 locations around the world. In this article, we will describe the way we leveraged Docker tools to create a platform capable of handling thousands of requests and testing more than 10,000 containers.