Peter Salvatore

The New Minimalist Operating Systems

Part of my work on the Technical Alliances team at Docker involves exploring innovative projects our ecosystem partners are working on.  One area that has seen radical change in recent years is the operating system (OS).  You may have noticed some new OS releases: CoreOS (August 2013), Project Atomic (April 2014), and more recently Snappy Ubuntu Core (December 2014). These are all minimalist OSs designed to host Docker applications and simplify your infrastructure.  If you are interested in the distinguishing features of each and how they differ from traditional Linux distributions, read on.

Victor Coisne

Docker Workshop at Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

  We had the pleasure to co-organize a Docker Workshop with Geekdom San Francisco (Rackspace) on Sept 12, 2013. It was truly amazing to see the number of people attending the first session of the workshop at 10:30am (picture here above).