Sara Ho

5 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for the Docker Community

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we wanted to take some time to give a warm “thank you” to the Docker Community. With an ever-growing community and active community leaders, there’s a lot that Docker has to be thankful for this year! Here’s our top five: Docker Community Gives Back 1. Docker Community Gives Back Members of  the Docker and Moby  Community work with unbelievable amounts of dedication and passion on some of the best open source projects around. Their hardwork never goes unnoticed, and the Moby Project is better because of it’s community of awesome contributors.   Interested in getting started on the Moby Project? Get more info on how you can get involved here.   2. Our Community Knows how to Take Action With over 500 Community Leaders and locations in 81 countries, we’re Continue reading…

Lisa McNicol

Announcing the Docker Student Developer Kit & Campus Ambassador Program!

For quite some time now we have been receiving daily requests from students all over the world, asking for our help learning Docker, using Docker and teaching their peers how to use Docker. We love their enthusiasm, so we decided it was time to reach out to the student community and give them the helping hand they need! Understanding how to use Docker is now a must have skill for students. Here are 5 reasons why: Understanding how to use Docker is one of the most important skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech, according to Business Insider. You can just start coding instead of spending time setting up your environment. You can collaborate easily with your peers and enable seamless group work: Docker eliminates any ‘works on my machine’ issues. Docker allows you Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Docker Weekly Roundup | October 9, 2016

  It’s time for your weekly roundup! Get caught up on the top Docker news including; expansion into China through a commercial partnership with Alibaba Cloud, announcement of DockerCon 2017, and information on the upcoming Global Mentor Week. As we begin a new week, let’s recap the top five most-read stories of the week of October 9, 2016: Alibaba Cloud Partnership Docker expands into China market through new partnership with the Alibaba Group, the world’s largest retail commerce group. The focus of the partnership is to provide a China-based Docker Hub, enable Alibaba to resell Docker’s commercial offerings, and create a “Docker For Alibaba Cloud”. DockerCon 2017 a three day, conference organized by Docker. This year’s US edition will take place in Austin, TX and continue to build on the success of previous events as it grows and reflects Docker’s established ecosystem Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Docker Weekly Roundup | September 25, 2016

  The last week of September 2016 is over and you know what that means; another Docker news roundup. Highlights include, a new commercial relationship between Docker and Microsoft, general availability of Docker containers on Windows Server 2016, and consolidation of Docker documentation on GitHub! As we begin a new week, let’s recap our five hottest stories: Docker and Microsoft Partnership Docker announced a Commercial Partnership with Microsoft that doubles the container market by extending Docker Engine to Windows Server 2016. Docker for Windows Server 2016 Microsoft announced general availability of Windows Server 2016, one of the most exciting new aspect of the announcement  is that containers on Windows are powered by Docker. Containers for Windows a step-by-step guide on containerized workload, the various components, such as the Docker client tools, the Docker daemon, and the virtual machine host for running containers by Continue reading…

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Cari Scardina

Docker Weekly Roundup | September 18, 2016

  It’s time for your weekly roundup! Get caught up on the top Docker news including; how to maintain dev environments for Java web apps, scale with Swarm, and make your CI/CD pipeline work for you. As we begin a new week, let’s recap our top five most-read stories of the week of September 18, 2016: Debugging Java in Docker tutorial for building a Java web application using containers and three popular Java IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Netbeans by Sophia Parafina.  Orchestration Workshop instructional workshop to scale out an app, operate and go deeper in Docker Swarm by Jerome Petazzoni.   PiZero Swarm with OTG  detailed explanation on how to build your own PiZero Swarm with OTG networking by Docker Captain Alex Ellis. Docker-based Workflow Learn how to make your CI/CD pipeline work with these four tips for an effective Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Docker Weekly Roundup | September 4, 2016

Each week, Docker rounds up the most popular, informative, and thought-provoking articles from the tech community. This week, we delve into current options for securing Docker in production environments, unveil Microsoft’s container monitoring solution and answer the top Docker questions from VMWorld. As we begin a new week, let’s recap our top five most-read stories for the week of September 4, 2016: Security in Production overview of the options available for securing Docker in production environments by Delve Labs. OMS Container Monitoring Microsoft unveils Docker container monitoring solution, signaling the company’s interest in delving deeper into the open-source container space by Christopher Tozzi at Container Journal. Windows Containers and Docker the five things you need to know in preparation of Docker running natively as a Windows service, with the release of Windows Server 2016 by Elton Stoneman. VMWorld Questions the top four questions about Docker asked Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Docker Weekly Roundup | August 28, 2016

The last week of August 2016 is over and you know what that means; another Docker news roundup. Highlights include, Docker comes to Raspberry Pi, a cheat sheet for Windows 10 and a presentation by Mike Coleman at Tech Field Day at VMWorld 2016. Docker for Windows: cheat sheet of commands to manage containers and Docker Swarm services on Windows 10 dev machine. These scripts are compatible with Docker 1.12 and Docker for Windows by Stefan Prodan. Tech Field Day: What is Docker? Mike Coleman, Technical Evangelist, introduces Docker and discusses container technology and how it works to help applications. Docker + Raspberry Pi: the latest release for Raspberry Pi officially includes Raspbian Jessie installation support. You can now install the Docker client on your Raspberry Pi with just one terminal command by Matt Richardson. Docker with ARM Devices: use Docker to build Continue reading…

Michelle Antebi

Docker Community Spotlight: Luisa Marieth Morales

Maintaining and running one of the largest and most active Docker Meetup groups is no easy task. Since joining the Docker New York City Meetup group in March 2015, Luisa Marieth Morales, along with her co-organizers, Dusty Mabe and Jesse White, have put on 11 events for a group of 2,527 members with an average of 176 RSVPs per event. Luisa’s contributions have been nothing short of essential in fostering an enthusiastic and eager Docker community. We recently sat down with Luisa and took a deep dive into her role where we discussed her insights on being an organizer and her predictions for the future of the Docker NYC Meetup group.