Mano Marks

Docker at /Build

Every year, Microsoft welcomes thousands of developers to their /Build conference. This year, whether you’re attending live in San Francisco, or watching online, there will be lots of Docker at /Build. Building from the announcement last week of the beta for Docker for Mac and Windows, we’re excited to share at /Build how Docker is making improvements to the developer toolbox providing developers the flexibility, from desktop to cloud, to accelerate application development and deploy anywhere.

Microsoft Demonstrates Docker in Build 2015 Keynote Address

Today Microsoft and Docker took the opportunity to talk about and demonstrate some of the progress we have been able to make together over the past 6 months. This culminated in to showing for the first time at Microsoft Build the Docker Engine running successfully on Windows Server. Like many companies just starting to work with Microsoft, we had some reservations about what we could ultimately accomplish together.

Introducing Trusted Builds

We are proud to announce that we have added a new feature to the docker index called Trusted Builds. With this new feature it allows you to connect your GitHub account and add a post commit hook to your repository, so that when you push a commit, it will trigger a build and update your image inside of the docker index. This makes it really easy to keep your docker images up to date with your latest code. You can tell which repositories are built from the Trusted Build service by looking for the “Trusted Build” badge on the repository page. Here is an example of a Trusted Build repository page. The Trusted Build repository page, displays the Dockerfile used to create the repository, so you can see how it was created. It also has links to the Github project Continue reading…

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.4: Remote API, Build, Openstack Integration

Introducing Docker 0.4.0 ================== Dear Dockers, Today we are happy to introduce a new release of Docker. In addition to numerous stability and usability fixes, this release introduces 2 highly anticipated features: Remote API and Build, as well as a very cool Openstack integration. Contents ======== * What is Docker? * 0.4.0 summary * Remote API * Build * Openstack integration * What’s next? * Broader kernel support * Cross architecture support * Even more integrations * Plugin API * Externally mounted volumes * Better documentation * Production-ready * Community news * Contributor of the month: Backjlack * New maintainer: Victor Vieux * How you can help * Hack day on June 11

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