Docker is usually used in microservice architectures because containers are lightweight (compared to VMs at least), easy to configure, communicate with each other efficiently, and can be deployed very quickly. However Docker can be perfectly used if you want to Dockerize a full physical/VPS server into one single container. Let me show you how and why.

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In this article I'm going to take you through the process of getting up and running with Docker on Windows, as well as telling you a few reasons why I think it might be a good idea. We'll start with a new installation of Windows 10, install Docker for Windows and then pull a trivial Docker image and get it to run. There will be more articles dealing with other aspects of running Docker on Windows, such as creating your own containers (dockerising) and getting a development environment up and running using Microsoft SQL Server for Linux in Docker Engine. But first, we need to install Docker for Windows and this article tells you how to do that.

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