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Join the Beta for Docker Engine 18.09

Andrew Hsu

A few weeks back, we announced changes to extend the maintenance lifecycle for Docker Engine – Community (CE). As part of these changes, we’re having a beta testing period to deliver a higher-quality engine to the market.

We’d like to invite our community members to now participate in this beta testing by installing the beta package, kicking the tires, and submitting issues.

Docker Engine – Community version 18.09 adds these new features:

  • Built on containerd – Docker Engine’s new architecture is based on containerd 1.2, the same underlying runtime used with the Kubernetes containerd integration.
  • BuildKit is now generally available – Access improved build performance (see slides 22-26) and scalability with the optional BuildKit integration. BuildKit remains opt-in with an environment variable, e.g.
$ DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build .

You can also set the feature option in /etc/docker/daemon.json to enable BuildKit by default:

{"features":{"buildkit": true}}
$ docker -H ssh://


Install Instructions:

Only install the beta package on a new system without previous versions of docker-ce installed.

$ curl -fsSL -o
$ sh # helper script installs the beta package
$ docker --version # verify install
Docker version 18.09.0-ce-beta1, build 78a6bdb

To submit issues go to


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