Jenny Burcio

What’s on your DockerCon 2018 Agenda?

Jenny Burcio

DockerCon is quickly approaching, taking place next week from June 12th – 15th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The conference will welcome 6,000+ developers, sysadmins, architects, VP of Apps and other IT leaders to get hands-on with the latest innovations in the container ecosystem at DockerCon 2018.

Have you scheduled your DockerCon Agenda or RSVP’d for sessions?

Check out the DockerCon Agenda Builder to browse and search the sessions. As an attendee log in using the information and create your DockerCon schedule.

We’ve brought back some of your favorite from past DockerCon events and are also thrilled to welcome many first-time DockerCon speakers to the stage. Here is a first look at some of our favorites sessions:

Customers in Production

Use case sessions highlight how companies are using Docker to modernize their infrastructure and build, manage and secure  distributed applications. These sessions are heavy on business value, ROI and production implementation advice, and learnings.

  • Building your NoSQL ship: How an Enterprise transitioned from a RDBMS to NoSQL DB using Agile and Docker by Jonell Taylor, Metlife
  • Black Friday and 100K Deployments Per Year by Srikanth Bulusu & Sanjoy Mukherjee, JCPenney
  • Packaging Software for Distribution on the Edge with Docker and Windows Server
  • Peter Ngai, GE Digital

Using Docker

Using Docker sessions are introductory sessions for Docker users, dev and ops alike. Filled with practical advice, learnings and insight, these sessions will help you get started with Docker or better implement Docker into your workflow.

  • Taking Kubernetes to Production with Docker by Scott Coulton, Puppet
  • Don’t have a Meltdown! Practical Steps for Defending your Apps by Liz Rice, Aqua and Justin Cormack, Docker
  • Demystifying Container Connectivity with Kubernetes in the Docker Platform by Nicola Kabar, Docker and Karthik Prabhakar, Tigera
  • Proactive Ops for Container Orchestration Environments by John Harris, Docker

Black Belt

One way to achieve a deep understanding of a complex system is to isolate the various components of that system, as well as those that interact with it, and examine all of them relentlessly. This is what we do in the Black Belt track! It features deeply technical talks covering not only container technology but also related projects.

  • Kubernetes in Docker by Alex Mavrogiannis + Guillamine Rose, Docker
  • Windows Container Security by David Lawrence, Docker and Saruhan Karademir, Microsoft
  • Istio: Weaving, Securing and Observing the Microservices by Lin Sun, IBM and Zack Butcher, Google
  • Kubernetes Extensibility by Tim Hockin + Eric Tune, Google

Docker Docker Docker

Docker Docker Docker sessions provide a deeper dive into Docker tooling, implementation, and real world production use recommendations. If you are ready to get to the next level with your Docker usage, join this track for product updates and best practices from the Docker team.

  • Product Overview: Docker Desktop for Developers by Gareth Rushgrove
  • Product Overview: Docker Enterprise Edition by Vivek Saraswat
  • Docker Storage: Designing a Platform for Persistent Data by Daniel Finneran, Docker


The Innovation Track shows how containers are redefining our technology toolbox, from solving old problems in a new way to pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish with software. Sessions in this track provide a glimpse into the new container frontier as it relates to IoT, Machine Learning and distributed systems.

  • Hardware Testing with Docker for Space by Christopher.Heistand, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
  • Democratizing Machine Learning on Kubernetes by Joy Qiao + Lachlan Evenson, Microsoft
  • A Vision of Persistence by Justin Cormack, Docker and Luke Marsden, DotMesh


The transform track focuses on the impact of change – both for organizations and ourselves as individuals and communities. Filled with inspiration, insights and new perspectives, these stories will leave you energized and equipped to drive innovation.

  • Depend on Docker (DoD) – Imagine a world where the only dependency you need is Docker! by Alex Iankoulski and Arun Subramaniyan, Baker Hughes
  • Shaving my Head Made me a Better Programmer by Alex Qin, GAKKO
  • #bigwhale: An Unexpected Journey into Containerization @ Lockheed Martin – Part 1 by Arjuna Rivera, Lockheed Martin
  • A Strong Belief, Loosely Held: Bringing Empathy to IT by Nirmal Mehta, Booz Allen Hamilton

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