DockerCon 2018 Survival Tips

Embark on your DockerCon 2018 journey like a pro with these helpful tips:

Tip 1: Things to bring

  • Laptop in tow! If you attending any of the hands-on labs or workshops this is a must have.
  • Bring charger for mobile device(s). Battery life is a major key to conference survival.
  • Remember your favorite notebook and writing apparatus.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! There will lots of walking and standing
  • Bring a jacket, sweater, or a coat – it may get cool in the venue and in San Francisco at night!

Tip 2: Stay in the Know with the DockerCon App

Download the official DockerCon application for DockerCon 2018:


Apple Store iOS Devices

This app features attendee resources such as agendas, venue maps, access to Hallway Track, attendee networking and more! You can use the DockerCon App to take notes, rate both speakers and sessions.

Docker Hallway Track  is an innovative platform that helps you find and network with like-minded people and meet one-on-one. Make new and meaningful connections by sharing knowledge and meet with other attendees with using the: book a Hallway Track scheduling tool. Just log in once using your registration credentials to access.

The mapping section includes a map of the conference; giving details of where you can find sponsor booths and workshops.

Below are some useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the DockerCon App.

Step 1:  If you’re a registered attendee, login on the DockerCon portal using the information you set up during the registration process. You can use the keyword search bar or filter by topics, days, tracks, experience level or target audience.

Step 2: Once logged in, you can “star” your interests and create your DockerCon schedule.

Step 3: Your saved interests and schedule will be available on the DockerCon mobile app you can download here. (May need updated)

Tip 3 : Did You Create Your DockerCon Agenda?

Hopefully your agenda is set. We encourage you to sign-up for DockerCon breakout sessions prior to arrival, there are a seats available in six sessions.  Get the most out of your journey at DockerCon 2018.

Use the App to add more sessions

The process is very simple and will help you organize sessions and activities by the topics that you are interested in.  

Just click the “Schedule” widget and explore sessions by day or track. When you add to “My Agenda”, you’ll be able to it find later in “My Event”.

Tip 4: Connect Through Social Media

Post, Tag & Share @DockerCon #DockerCon

We encourage you to capture and share pictures of your favorite moments as you go through your DockerCon journey. Please use the official hashtag #DockerCon on all social media platforms. Don’t forget to post yourself and your new friends in your Docker swag and all things DockerCon. Please repost, re-gram and retweet highlights from sessions or workshops you attend. Tag and mention the speaker or company featured as well.

Follow us on twitter @DockerCon. Twitter Ads info and privacy

Check out the LinkedIn Showcase page for DockerCon, for all things DockerCon.

DockerCon Slack

We’ve also set up a DockerCon slack team so that it’s easier for attendees to participate in topic-based conversations in specific channels. Go to to get your invitation. This will be a great way to interact with attendees online and ask questions to the Docker team who will be looking after the different channels.

Tip 5: Are you ready to network?

There are awesome networking events for attendees at DockerCon 2018. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate with the growing Docker community. 

  • Attend sessions, workshops and after parties
  • Business cards on deck
  • Make a whale-of-a elevator pitch! A few sentences to tell people who you are – quickly! No pressure.
  • Spark conversations with sponsors at booths and attendees using the DockerCon Hallway Track (hoping to make less awkward moments)

Here are a few icebreaking questions:

  • What was your favorite session/speaker so far?
  • What interested you in DockerCon?
  • What do you hope to learn from the conference?

Tip 6: Remember it’s a professional event

Come enjoy all that DockerCon has to offer and as always, please adhere to the Code of Conduct.

DockerCon is open to all. If you are traveling with your child(ren) or significant other we encourage you to take advantage of the childcare and Spousetivities programs that we are offering. Spousetivities is for everyone; these are family-friendly day trips scheduled from Tuesday through Thursday, June 12-14.

We hope these tips are useful and you a great experience at DockerCon 2018. See you soon!

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