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Docker Enterprise Edition in Production: Stories from 9 Enterprise Organizations at DockerCon — Plus a Bonus!

David Friedlander

One of the best things about conferences is meeting people and hearing their stories. I’ve been fortunate to work with several Docker customers this year on their DockerCon sessions. You’ll want to catch at least a few of these while you’re there next week. Make sure to add them to your schedule.

Here are the highlights from 9 amazing stories from Docker commercial customers that will be told at DockerCon, many from the world’s largest companies. There’s a bonus session, too!

Read on to learn more.

How Bosch built a “Container as a Service” platform. Till Schenk, IT Infrastructure Architect, will talk about building a centralized service based on Docker Enterprise Edition to serve a 62,000+ employee R&D organization. Hear about the architectural and operational decisions, the challenges Bosch faced, and how they’ve scaled up to 1,000 image repositories. 12:00 pm on Wednesday, June 13.

MetLife’s “ModSquad” talks about their production NoSQL DB on Docker. Jonell Taylor, a Platform Engineer on the MetLife internal innovation will explain the process they went through moving from traditional RDBMS to NoSQL on Docker Enterprise Edition. You’ll hear about the decisions they made impacting orchestration, availability, database replication, and disaster recovery. 1:50 pm on Wednesday, June 13.

GE Digital Accelerates Industrial IoT Solutions with Docker Enterprise Edition and Windows Server. Peter Ngai, Senior Staff Software Architect, will talk about how GE Digital uses Docker on Windows Server to develop and distribute its GE Predix industrial Asset Performance Management application. He previewed his talk and why he’s excited about DockerCon in a short video for us. 2:45 pm on Wednesday, June 13.

All Roads Lead to the Cloud for Liberty Mutual. How does a Fortune 100 insurance company with multiple business units, different technology stacks and different generations of applications take advantage of cloud computing? Michael Michael Letourneau, Architect, and Eric Drobisewski, Senior Architect, will explain how the project got started, the initial design, how it was scoped and why they chose Docker Enterprise Edition. 2:45 pm on Wednesday, June 13.

How a 153-year old multinational bank built a new IT platform on Docker Enterprise Edition. Franck Davalo, Delivery Manager at Société Générale, will tell us how the bank started its containerization journey in 2016 and now runs over 1,500 containers that have accelerated its application delivery 10x. 5:25 pm on Wednesday, June 13.

Building a patient-centered approach at DaVita with Docker Enterprise Edition. When DaVita, a kidney care clinic with 2,600 locations, wanted to rebuild their monolithic patient care system, they understood containers were going to be key. Jason Richling, IT Director at DaVita, and Harish Jayakumar, Lead Staff Engineer at Docker, will share DaVita’s journey from concept to a production environment that accelerates development and deployment substantially. 11:00 am on Thursday, June 14.

Creating a faster, safer and 100% user-centric application at Equifax with Docker. We have all heard of “the incident” at Equifax. Jaya Polumuru, Senior Director of Technology, will reveal the untold story of how the IT team took a dramatic and aggressive approach to change the application portfolio at a 100+ year old company with containers and Docker Enterprise Edition. 1:10 pm on Thursday, June 14

Disruption from within and innovation at Franklin American Mortgage. Franklin American Mortgage is charging towards a future they are creating instead of following the pack in a traditional industry. Don Bauer, Lead DevOps Engineer, and Sharon Frazier, VP of Innovation, will explain how the innovation team reinvented core customer applications and containerized over 270 services with Docker Enterprise Edition on a single cluster in less than 18 months. 3:50 pm on Thursday, June 14.

Speeding up app deployment from 6+ months to 10 minutes. At Baker Hughes, a GE Company, the IT team was in a “polyglot app dependency hell” where deploying new analytics services took 6 to 12 months. Now, when the only dependency is on Docker, they can deploy apps in minutes. Don’t miss this session where Alex Iankoulski and Arun Subramaniyan from the BHGE team will demo their “Depend on Docker” environment. 2:05 pm on Thursday, June 14.

Here’s why the BHGE team is excited about DockerCon:

Bonus: How does Docker use Docker? You always wonder how tech companies use their own products. In this session, Mehdi Ghazizadeh, our Senior Director of Engineering, and his colleagues will talk about how they leverage Kubernetes in Docker Enterprise Edition to power the popular Docker Hub hosted service. 2:05 pm on Thursday, June 14.

I hope you can make it to DockerCon and catch some of these incredible sessions!



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