Ashlynn Polini

Create Your Own Unique Developer Experience for DockerCon 2018

Ashlynn Polini

DockerCon is back and better than ever as we welcome our developer community to this year’s DockerCon in San Francisco (June 12-15, 2018)! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Docker, or an old hand at Dockerizing your applications. For developers, DockerCon is the best place to learn about bringing Docker to your applications.

This year at DockerCon, you have the opportunity to choose the content and create an agenda that is based on your role and  where you’re at in your containerization journey. We know you’ll want to choose carefully, so here’s some things to consider.

Whether you’re developing modern microservices applications or are looking for ways to modernize your existing applications, DockerCon will teach you about new features and capabilities, container best practices, containerization strategies and innovative ways to use containers such as serverless apps, using a service mesh, and incorporating machine learning.

For many developers, the best way to learn is hands-on. Our Hands-On Labs and workshops will give you practical knowledge. And our breakout sessions will introduce you to new concepts and ideas on how to incorporate Docker into your enterprise workflow.

DockerCon can show you how Docker can solve the most pressing problems, both for you individually and for your company as a whole.

Here’s just some of the choices suited for developers at DockerCon:

  • Attend workshops geared towards Enterprise developers such as: Migrating a .Net App to Docker, Migrating a Java App to Docker, Secure Supply Chain, Monitoring and Logging, and Storage of Networking
  • Gain knowledge and insights into key OSS projects you can use and contribute to such as containerd, Istio, SPIFFE, Nuclio or Kubeflow by attending sessions in the Contribute & Collaborate track.
  • Take the opportunity to network with OS thought leaders, contributors, and fellow developers through the Hallway Track app to get matched with the people you want to learn from most
  • Attend breakout sessions such as Accelerating Development Velocity of Production ML Systems, Depend on Docker, and App Transformation with Docker: 5 Patterns for Success to see how you can scale

We’ll also be offering on-site training and certification during the course of the conference – making DockerCon a one-stop shop for all of your questions, concerns, goals and peer-to-peer networking needs. Check out the links below to start planning your DockerCon containerization journey and we hope to see you in June!

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