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It’s Back… The Contribute and Collaborate track returns to DockerCon 2018

Victor Coisne

A significant number of Docker early adopters, advanced container users and Open Source lovers come to DockerCon to contribute to open source projects and collaborate on technical system implementations. Last year, these activities were taking place at the Moby Summit scheduled on the last day of the conference. Listening to feedback from attendees who expressed interest in participating in such activities earlier in the week, we’ve decided to bring back the Contribute & Collaborate track to the main conference days!

DockerCon Contribute & Collaborate

The goal of this track is to raise awareness and educate users around the upstream components of the Docker Platform, provide a path for new contributors and unleash new opportunities for innovation and collaboration within the broader Cloud Native and Open Source communities.

This track is organized in 4 half days (one for each of the categories below). Each will start by a series of lightning talks during which maintainers will be introducing their projects and doing a brief demo. We’ll then break into smaller groups for roundtables and informal, interactive Birds-of-a-Feather discussions with maintainers. This time will be a great opportunity to collaborate with peers who share the same interest, ask questions to maintainers, get insights into project roadmaps and hopefully start contributing!

Docker Platform Internals

This half day highlights talks on the building blocks of the Docker Platform including:

  • Compose migration: from v2 to cluster-ready by Joffrey Fuhrer (Docker)
  • LinuxKit: The First Year by Justin Cormack (Docker)
  • Notary: Nation state resistant signing by David Lawrence (Docker)
  • Introduction to containerd: an open and reliable runtime by Michael Crosby (Docker)
  • Introduction to Buidkit: concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit by Tonis Tiigi (Docker)

Cloud Native projects

This second half day features talks on some of the top Cloud Native Foundation projects including:

  • Kubernetes Contributor Experience SIG by Paris Pittman (Google)
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Container Storage Interface (CSI) by Saad Ali (Google)
  • Introduction to Istio by Dan Berg (IBM) and Zack Butcher (Google)
  • An Intro to SPIFFE and SPIRE: Building Trust In and Between Modern Distributed Systems by Andrew Jesup (
  • A HotROD Ride With Jaeger by Yuri Shkuro (Uber)
  • Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd by Eduardo Silva (Treasure Data)
  • An Intro to OpenTracing: Follow your Requests from Mobile and Web Clients to Microservices and Monoliths by Priyanka Sharma and Ted Young (LightSpeed)
  • Calico: what’s a Cat doing in my cluster? By Christopher Liljenstolpe (Tigera)

Container Innovation

This half day includes talks on some of the top Open Source projects and areas shaping the future of container-based platforms including:

  • High Performance Containers and the Convergence of Big Data and Big Compute By Christian Kniep (Docker)
  • Kubeflow: Machine Learning meets Containers by Jay Smith (Google)
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric by Jonathan Levi (Hacera)

Contribute 101 Workshops

Docker Open Source Contribution manager and maintainer Sebastiaan Van Stijn will give a presentation about Open Source project contribution workflow, tooling and processes. From explaining the basics for compiling and testing a project to analyzing bugs, issues and submitting pull requests, this workshop will cover all aspect of open source contribution on GitHub.

A group of mentors will then go around the room and help 1st time contributors with their first pull requests or contributions!

In case you missed it, most of the DockerCon Agenda is now live! With 7 tracks, Free workshops and hands on labs, DockerCon is the best place for everyone to learn, belong and collaborate no matter their level of Docker expertise.

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