Jenny Burcio

Announcing new DockerCon Europe tracks, sessions, speakers and website!

Jenny Burcio

The DockerCon Europe website has a fresh look and new sessions added. The DockerCon Review Committee is still working through announcing final sessions in each breakout track, but below is an overview of the tracks and content you’ll find this year in Copenhagen. To view abstracts in more detail check out the Agenda Page.

In case you missed it, we have two summits happening on Thursday, October 19th. The Moby Summit, a hands-on collaborative event for advanced container users who are actively maintaining, contributing or generally interested in the design and development of the Moby Project and it’s components. The Enterprise Summit, a full day event for enterprise IT practitioners who want to learn how they can embrace the journey to hybrid IT and implement a new strategy to help fund their modernization efforts.

We have an excellent line up of speakers in store for you and are excited to share the agenda below. We hope that these sessions inspire you to register to DockerCon Europe.

Using Docker

Using Docker sessions are introductory sessions for Docker users, dev and ops alike. Filled with practical advice, learnings, and insight, these sessions will help you get started with Docker or better implement Docker into your workflow.

  • Creating Effective Images by Abby Fuller, AWS
  • Docker?!?! But I’m a SysAdmin by Mike Coleman, Docker
  • Modernizing .NET Apps by Elton Stoneman, Docker & Iris Classon, Konstrukt
  • Modernizing Java Apps by Arun Gupta, AWS
  • Road to Docker Production: What You Need to Know and Decide by Bret Fisher, Independent Consultant
  • Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains by Adrian Mouat, Container Solutions
  • Learning Docker From Square One by Chloe Condon, CodeFresh
  • Practical Design Patterns in Docker Networking by Mark Church, Docker

 Docker Advanced

Docker Advanced sessions provide a deeper dive into Docker tooling, implementation and real world production use recommendations. If you are ready to get to the next level with your Docker usage, join Docker Advanced for best practices from the Docker team.

  • Sessions to be announced soon!

 Use Case

Use case sessions highlight how companies are using Docker to modernize their infrastructure and build, ship and run distributed applications. These sessions are heavy on business value, ROI and production implementation advice and learnings.

  • Back To The Future: Containerize Legacy Applications by Brandon Royal, Docker
  • Using Docker For Product Testing and CI at Splunk by Mike Dickey, Splunk & Harish Jayakumar, Docker
  • Shipping and Shifting ~100 Apps with Docker by Sune Keller, Alm Brand
  • How Docker Helps Open Doors At Assa Abloy by Jan Hëdstrom, Assa Abloy &
    Patrick van der Bleek, Docker

 Black Belt

Black Belt talks are code and demo heavy and light on the slides. Experts in the Docker ecosystem cover a deeply technical topic by diving way down deeper. Container connoisseurs, prepare to learn and be delighted.  

  • What Have Syscalls Done For You Lately? by Liz Rice, Aqua Security
  • A Deeper Dive Into Docker Overlay Networks by Laurent Bernaille, D2SI
  • Container-relevant Upstream Kernel Developments by Tycho Andersen, Docker
  • The Truth Behind Serverless by Erica Windisch, IOpipe

 Edge [NEW!]

The Edge track shows how containers are redefining our technology toolbox, from solving old problems in a new way to pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish with software. Sessions in this track provide a glimpse into the new container frontier.  

  • Take Control Of Your Maps With Docker by Petr Pridal, Klokan Technologies GmbH
  • Panel: Modern App Security Requires Containers moderated by Sean Michael Kerner
  • Skynet vs Planet of The Apes, Duel! by Adrien Blind, Societe Generale
  • How to Secure the Journey to Microservices – Fraud Management at Arvato by Tobias Gurtzick, Arvato

 Transform [NEW!]

The transform track focuses on the impact that change has on organizations, individuals and communities. Filled with inspiration, insights and new perspectives, these stories will leave you energized and equipped to drive innovation.

  • Learn Fast, Fail Fast, Deliver Fast: The ModSquad Way by Tim Tyler, Metlife
  • The Value of Diverse Experiences by Nandhini Santhanam, Docker
  • We Need To Talk: How Communication Helps Code by Lauri Apple, Zalando
  • My Journey To Go by Ashley McNamara, Microsoft
  • A Strong Belief, Loosely Held: Bringing Empathy to IT by Nirmal Mehta, Booz Allen Hamilton

 Community Theater

Located in the main conference hall, the Community Theater will feature lightning talks and cool hacks from the Docker community and ecosystem.

  • Looking Under The Hood: containerD by Scott Coulton, Puppet
  • From Zero to Serverless in 60 Seconds, Anywhere by Alex Ellis, ADP
  • Deploying Software Containers on Heterogeneous IoT Devices by Daniel Bruzual, Aalto University
  • Android Meets Docker by Jing Li, Viacom
  • Cluster Symphony by Anton Weiss, Otomato Software
  • Containerizing Hardware Accelerated Applications by Chelsea Mafrica
  • Empowering Docker with Linked Data Principles by Riccardo Tommasini, Politecnico di Milano
  • Tales of Training: Scaling CodeLabs with Swarm Mode and Docker-Compose by Damien Duportal, CloudBees
  • Experience the Swarm API in Virtual Reality by Leigh Capili, Beatport
  • Repainting the Past with Distributed Machine Learning and Docker by Finnian Anderson, Student & Oli Callaghan, Student


Ecosystem Track showcases work done by sponsoring partners at DockerCon. Ecosystem sessions include a diverse range of topics and opportunity to learn more about the variety of solutions available in the Docker ecosystem.

  • Sessions to be announced soon!

We hope you can join us in Copenhagen for an amazing event! Tickets have sold out each year, so make sure to register soon!

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