Dan Powers

The Agility and Flexibility of Docker including Oracle Database and Development Tools

Dan Powers

A company’s important applications often are subjected to random and capricious changes due to forces well beyond the control of IT or management.  Events like a corporate merger or even a top programmer on an extended vacation can have an adverse impact on the performance and reliability of critical company infrastructure.

During the second day keynote at DockerCon 2017 in Austin TX, Lily Guo and Vivek Saraswat showed a simulation of how to use Docker Enterprise Edition and its application transformation tools to respond to random events that threaten to undermine the stability of their company critical service.

The demo begins as two developers are returning to work after an extended vacation.  They discover that, during their absence, their CEO has unexpectedly hired an outside contract programmer to rapidly code and introduce an entire application service that they know nothing about.  As they try to build the new service, however, Docker Security Scan detects that a deprecated library has been incorporated by the contractor.  This library is found to have a security vulnerability which violates the company’s best practice standards.  As part of Docker Enterprise Edition Advanced, Docker Security Scan automatically keeps track of code contributions and acts as a gatekeeper to flag issues and protect company standards.   In this case, they are able to find a newer version of the library and build the service successfully.

The next step is to deploy the service.   Docker Compose is the way to describe the application dependencies and secrets access.   It is tempting to simply insert the passwords into the Compose file using plain text. However, the best choice is to let Docker Secrets manage sensitive application configuration data and take advantage of Docker EE with its  ability to manage and enforce RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

It is interesting that the service consists of a Microsoft SQL Server database container that is interacting with other containers that are running Linux.  Docker Enterprise Edition features this ability to run a cluster of microservices in a hybrid Windows and Linux environment.  “It just works.”

All of the problems from the beginning of the demo now seem to be resolved, but the CEO rushes in to announce that they have just purchased a company that uses a traditional on premise application. The merger press announcement will be tomorrow and there is concern about the scope and cost of updating and moving the application to a modern infrastructure. However, they know that can use the Docker transformation tool, image2docker, to do the hard work of taking the traditional application and moving it to a modern Docker Enterprise Edition containers which can be deployed on any infrastructure, including Cloud.

One final step step is needed to complete the move from the traditional architecture.   As the traditional application relies on the popular and powerful Oracle Database, it will need to be acquired and adapted.  Time to go out to the Docker Store.    Lily finds the Oracle DB on Docker Store and integrates it directly into the transformed application – and “it just works”

 Docker StoreThe Docker Store is the place where developers can find trusted and scanned commercial content with collaborative support from Docker and the application container image provider.   Oracle today announced that its flagship databases and developer tools will be immediately available as Docker containers through the Docker Store marketplace.  The first set of certified images include: Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Instant Client, and Oracle Java 8 SE (Server JRE).   

The demo ends and it’s been shown how developers can use Docker Enterprise Edition to quickly resolve a library incompatibility issues and how easy it is to take traditional applications and accomplish the first steps towards adapting them to a modern container infrastructure.


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