Jenny Burcio

More DockerCon Speakers Announced

Jenny Burcio

Today, we are announcing the next group of awesome DockerCon speakers and we can’t wait for the lessons, stories, tips, tricks and insights they will share.

  • Need tips on how to create effective images, even when you have to include a bunch of image processing libraries?
  • What about learning how other organizations are taking Docker into production and adopting DevOps?
  • Want to deep dive into the Docker internals from Docker’s technical staff?

Join us at the largest container conference in the world to hear these stories and many more DockerCon speakers from the community. 

Docker Security Deep Dive

Journey to Docker Production: Evolving Your Infrastructure and Processes

Creating Effective Docker Images

Plug-ins: Building, Shipping, Storing and Running

Docker for Ops

Docker Networking








Modern Storage Platform for Containerized Environments

Do you really want to attend sessions from these DockerCon speakers, but are having a hard time convincing your manager on pulling the trigger to send you? Have you already explained that sessions, training and hands-on exercises are definitely worth the financial investment and time away from your desk?

Well, fear not! We’ve put together a few more resources and reasons to help convince your manager that DockerCon 2017 on April 17-20, is an invaluable experience you need to attend.

More information about DockerCon 2017:

Register for DockerCon 


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