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DockerCon 2017 first speakers announced

To the rest of the world, DockerCon 2017 may seem a ways away, but here at Docker we are heads down reading your Call for Papers submissions and curating content to make this the biggest and best DockerCon to date. With that, we are thrilled to share with you the DockerCon 2017 Website with helpful information including ten of the first confirmed speakers and sessions.

If you want to join this amazing lineup and haven’t submitted your cool hack, use case or deep dive session, don’t hesitate! The Call for Papers closes this Saturday, January 14th.


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First DockerCon speakers


Laura Frank

Sr. Software Engineer, Codeship

Everything You Thought You Already Knew About Orchestration




Julius Volz

Co-founder, Prometheus

Monitoring, the Prometheus Way




Liz Rice

Co-founder & CEO, Microscaling Systems

What have namespaces done for you lately?




Thomas Graf

Principal Engineer at Noiro, Cisco

Cilium – Network and Application security with BPF and XDP




Brendan Gregg 

Sr. Performance Architect, Netflix

Container Tracing Deep Dive




Thomas Shaw

Build Engineer, Activision

Activision’s Skypilot: Delivering amazing game experiences through containerized pipelines




Fabiane Nardon

Chief Scientist at TailTarget

Docker for Java Developers




Arun Gupta

Vice President of Developer Advocacy, Couchbase

Docker for Java Developers




Justin Cappos

Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department at New York University

Securing the Software Supply Chain




John Zaccone

Software Engineer at Ippon Technologies

A Developer’s Guide to Getting Started with Docker

Convince your boss to send you to DockerCon

Do you really want to go to DockerCon, but are having a hard time convincing your boss on pulling the trigger to send you? Have you already explained that sessions, training and hands-on exercises are definitely worth the financial investment and time away from your desk?

We want you to join the community and us at DockerCon 2017, so we’ve put together the following packet of event information, including a helpful letter you can use to send to your boss to justify your trip. We are confident there’s something at DockerCon for everyone, so feel free to share within your company and networks.

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More information about DockerCon 2017:

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Jenny Burcio

DockerCon 2017 first speakers announced

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  1. THR

    Thomas Shaw?! I've seen some of his writings online (I think it was a guest post somewhere, can't find it now)

    And a talk about Cilium?! WOW. This is going to be a nice DockerCon.

    Can't wait. I'm excited.


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