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Top Docker content of 2016

Mano Marks

2016 has been an amazing year for Docker and the container industry. We had 3 major releases of Docker engine this year , and tremendous increase in usage. The community has been following along and contributing amazing Docker resources to help you learn and get hands-on experience. Here’s some of the top read and viewed content for the year:


Of course releases are always really popular, particularly when they fit requests we had from the community. In particular, we had:

  • Docker for Mac & Docker for Windows Beta and GA release blog posts, and the video

Windows Containers

When Microsoft made Windows 2016 generally available, people rushed to

Docker resources for Microsoft

About Docker

We also provide a lot of information about how to use Docker. In particular, these posts and articles that we shared on social media were the most read:

How to Use Docker

Docker has a wide variety of use cases, articles and videos about how to use it are really popular. In particular, when we share content from our users and Docker Captains, they get a lot of views:

  • Cgroups, namespaces, and beyond

Still hungry for more info? Here’s some more Docker resources:

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