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Exciting news from CheConf

Mano Marks

Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE. With Che, you can define a workspace with the project code files and all of their dependencies necessary to edit, build, run, and debug them. You can share your workspaces with other team members. And Che drives Codenvy, cloud workspaces for development teams, with access control and other features.

Docker and Eclipse Che

Today in the keynote at CheConf 2016, Tyler Jewell made several Docker related announcements.

  1. Che runs on your machine as a Docker container, and generates other containers for workspaces making it a fully Dockerized IDE.
  2. Docker now powers the Che CLI, including most Che utilities like IP lookup, curl, compiling Che, versioning, launching.
  3. Che has added support for Docker Compose files in workspaces, making it really easy to write and debug Compose-based applications, right in Che.
  4. Che agents, such as SSH or language servers for intellisense, are deployed as containers.
  5. Chedir is a command line utility for converting source repos into Dockerized workspaces.
  6. Che is now available in the Docker Store.
  7. Codenvy is packaged as a set of Docker containers. With docker-compose up you start up ten docker containers that run Codenvy on your network.
  8. Codenvy also uses Docker Swarm as the clustering and workspace distribution technology. Before the end of the year, Che and Codenvy will have an identical CLI – so anywhere Docker exists, you can run Che or a clustered Codenvy deployment with the same syntax.

This is all pretty exciting. We’ve been happy to work with Codenvy on this project. After the keynote at CheConf, Docker’s own Patrick Chanezon led a session: Docker 101 & Why Docker Powers Che and here are the slides.



More importantly, we wanted to get to work directly on Che, which is the fastest moving project under the Eclipse umbrella. So we’re happy to announce that Docker is joining the Eclipse Foundation! We look forward to working more with Eclipse and Codenvy going forward.

So check out the Che documentation, and Che in the Docker Store. And check out our other developer tools labs in the Docker Labs repo on GitHub. We’ll be adding in some Che content going forward.

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