Lisa McNicol

Docker San Francisco Meetup #50: Swarm Mode

Lisa McNicol

Last Wednesday was Docker’s 50th meetup in San Francisco! There was an awesome turnout from the local Docker community to see Docker’s own Nishant Totla and Dongluo Chen and their talk on Swarm Mode.

Nishant and Dongluo gave a talk entitled ‘Using Docker Swarm Mode and healthchecks to Deploy Applications Without Loss’ where they demonstrated how to do service upgrades without impacting your application.


They explained that Docker swarm mode enables users to manage their applications with service primitives and the healthcheck feature provides health indications for a container. Coming up in the Docker 1.13 release, Docker Swarm can connect healthcheck results with load balancers to implement no-loss service upgrade. Check out the talk including Nishant’s demo in the video below.



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  1. hello,
    I'm developing a docker swarm management application. I have a question. How to stop or start a service when I don't use auto restart policy? Now, tasks can not start after stoped its container when I disable the autorestart, but, its container is running. Thanks for your reply!!

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