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Docker Distributed System Summit videos & podcast episodes

Victor Coisne

Following LinuxCon Europe in Berlin last week, we organized a first of its kind Docker event called Docker Distributed Systems Summit. This two day event was an opportunity for core Docker engineers and Docker experts from the community to learn, collaborate, problem-solve and hack around the next generation of distributed systems in areas such as orchestration, networking, security and storage.

More specifically, the goal of the summit was to dive deep into Docker’s infrastructure plumbing tools and internals: SwarmKit, InfraKit, Hyperkit, Notary, libnetwork, IPVS, Raft, TUF and provide attendees with the working knowledge of how to leverage these tools while building their own systems.

We’re happy to share with you all the videos recordings, slides and audio files available as #dockercast episodes!

Youtube playlist

Podcast playlist

All the slides from the summit are available on the official Docker slideshare account.

Please join us in giving a big shout out to our awesome speakers for creating and presenting the following projects:

  1. InfraKit: A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure
  1. Heart of the SwarmKit: Store, Topology & Object Model
  1. Persistent storage tailored for containers
  1. Prometheus: Design and Philosophy
  1. Talking TUF: Securing Software Distribution
  1. Orchestrating Least Privilege
  1. Cilium – BPF & XDP for containers
  1. Docker Networking: Control Plane and Data Plane
  1. Unikernels: the rise of the library hypervisor in MirageOS

The Docker team would also like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the Summit in Berlin last week. The event was a success because of the amazing participation and energy of the community.


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