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Your Docker Agenda for July

Weren’t able to attend DockerCon 2016 last month? Don’t worry, there are several DockerCon recap meetups scheduled this month all over the world!

Have you signed up yet for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon? Teams of up to three individuals will hack the new features included in Docker 1.12 including Swarm Mode, cryptographic node identity, service API, and built-in routing mesh to win some awesome prizes. Submissions are due by July 25th so register your team today and start hacking!

Take a look at this month’s agenda including Docker trainings and meetups in your community.


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Online | Official Docker Training Courses



Mike Goelzer explaining: What is new in Docker 1.12


Official Docker Training Courses

View the full schedule of instructor led training courses here!

Introduction to Docker:

This is a two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment.

July 19th – 20th: Introduction to Docker with Vizuri – New York, NY

July 21st – 22nd: Introduction to Docker  with AKRA – Hamburg, Germany


Docker Administration and Operations:

The Docker Administration and Operations course consists of both the Introduction to Docker course, followed by the Advanced Docker Topics course, held over four consecutive days.

July 19th – 22nd: Administration and Operations with Vizuri – New York, NY

July 21st – 22nd & 28th – 29th: Administration and Operations with AKRA – Hamburg, Germany


Advanced Docker Operations:

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

July 21st – 22nd: Advanced Docker Operations with Vizuri – New York, NY

July 28th – 29th: Advanced Docker Operations with AKRA – Hamburg, Germany



July 12th: Docker Online Meetup #40: Docker 1.12

Three years ago, Docker made an esoteric Linux kernel technology called containerization simple and accessible to everyone. Today, we are doing the same for container orchestration.

Starting with Docker 1.12, we have added features to the core Docker Engine to make multi-host and multi-container orchestration easy. We’ve added new API objects, like Service and Node, that will let you use the Docker API to deploy and manage apps on a group of Docker Engines called a swarm. With Docker 1.12, the best way to orchestrate Docker is Docker!

Join this Docker Online Meetup with Product Managers Mike Goelzer and Michael Friis to learn more and questions.


North & South America

July 5th: How to Dockerize a Spring Boot app and run on AWS – Nashville, TN

This session will cover how to dockerize a Spring Boot application with just a few lines of DSL, and run it on AWS’s EC2. It should provide a quick guide on getting started, and let you go home to explore ways you might want to start using it.


July 5th: Intro to Docker for Development – Lehi, UT

We will be going over the basics of Docker. We will spend a short amount of time on the history and reasons for Docker, then the majority of the time will be spent on real-world scenarios and a walk-through of how to setup a development environment on your local machine.


July 6th: Docker Meetup at Meltmedia – Phoenix, AZ

Docker 1.12 and DockerCon Recap!


July 6th: Docker Meetup at WWT Advanced Technology Center – Saint Louis, MO

Have you heard about some of the new and exciting things to come out of Dockercon this year? Good stuff, right? Docker is giving its local communities an inside look and resources into some of the new technology slated for Docker 1.12. We will also be going over some of the major announcements and roadmaps to come out of Dockercon from major players like Microsoft, Rancher, and more.


July 6th: Docker Meetup at Red Ventures – Charlotte, NC

Recap of all the cool things that come out of DockerCon!


July 7th: Docker Meetup at VMTurbo – Boston, MA

Container Days are behind us and DockerCon lies ahead! We’ll regroup in early July to discuss these happenings and also be joined by Tsvi Korren of AquaSec to discuss the state of container security!


July 7th: Docker Meetup at Tech Square Labs – Atlanta, GA

Dockercon is over, but that doesn’t mean the excitement has to end. This meetup is for those who went to share their experiences with those who didn’t. We will present notes from the conference in hopes to inspire discussion about the various Dockercon presentation topics. Information about the Docker Online Hackathon will also be presented.


July 7th: Docker Meetup at Rackspace – Austin, TX

Highlights of activities and announcements from DockerCon 2016. DockerCon is the community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers.


July 11th – 13th: Docker Sponsors GopherCon – Denver, CO


July 10th – 14th: Docker Sponsors Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference – Toronto, ON


July 10th – 14th: Docker Sponsors Cisco Live US 2016 – Las Vegas, NV


July 12th: Docker Meetup at AEEC Innovation Lab – Alexandria, VA
Ben Grissinger, Solutions Architect from Docker, Inc., will be presenting the advanced topics on Docker. Presentations: Docker Security Scanning, Unikernels, etc.


July 12th: Docker Meetup at Ping Identity Corp – Denver, CO

Stephen Day from Docker is in town for GopherCon and will be giving a deep dive on Docker’s new swarm mechanism and the code behind it called SwarmKit.


July 13th: OpenWest – Sandy, UT

The largest regional tech conference devoted to all things OPEN: Hardware, Standards, Source & Data. “Introduction to Docker” by Jeff Anderson.

July 14th: Docker Meetup at Microsoft – Minneapolis, MN

Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host. Because Docker Swarm serves the standard Docker API, any tool that already communicates with a Docker daemon can use Swarm to transparently scale to multiple hosts.


July 26th: Docker Meetup at Watsco Ventures – Miami, FL

Mario Cruz, one of our meetup organizers, will be bringing back all the latest exciting events and a Hands On Demo. Last week, Docker announced the latest release, Docker 1.12 and are happy to announce the Docker 1.12 Hackathon! Mario is interested in creating a team to compete using a Raspberry Pi. Reach out if you are interested!

July 27th: Let us talk Docker and ASP.NET – Sterling, VA

Presenter: Naveen Srinivasan. More details to come.

July 28th: Docker Meetup in Henrico, VA  – Henrico, VA

Docker Captain John Zaccone will share the biggest news from DockerCon including the biggest changes to Docker Engine since Docker Engine version 1.0. Docker Engine 1.12 includes built in orchestration. We will see a demonstration for the “new” way to create swarm clusters with reconciliation, routing mesh, TLS security and built in load-balancing.

July 2nd: Docker Meetup in Goiania – Goiania, Brazil

O Cora hackerspace ainda não possuí uma sede fixa, sendo que as reuniões são realizadas na casa dos membros ou em espaços públicos, o que limita nossas atividades já que dependemos da disponibilidade dos mesmos.


July 5th: Docker Meetup at Auditorium D IESB – Brasilia, Brazil


July 8th: The Developers Conference – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Docker Captain Rafael Gomes will be speaking about Docker for Developers: Building Super Commands.


July 11th: Docker Meetup at GDG Cabreúva – Cabreúva, Brazil


July 13th: Docker Meetup at Nearsoft – Mexico City, Mexico


July 21st: Docker Meetup at Microsoft Dominican – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Come learn about Docker 1.12!




July 2nd: Workshop: Dockerization – Riga, Latvia

This one you really do not want to miss. During this workshop all of you will have one common goal. Only together you will make an application successfully up and running. You will write Dockerfiles, building images, configuring Docker Compose, even work with Docker Registry. Be ready. It will be very active.

July 5th: Docker Meetup at Black Cat Technology Solutions  – Birmingham, United Kingdom

We will go into more detail about the root construct of Docker; the Dockerfile. This session will cover usage of the basic commands, best practices for building your images and a selection of tips, tricks and pitfalls. Please bring your laptops if you have them, there will be a practical element!


July 7th: Docker Meetup at Talent Garden Roma – Rome, Italy

DockerCon recap meetup with Giuseppe Andreoli.


July 7th: Introduction to Docker – Oulu, Finland

We will introduce Docker and related concepts before we dig deeper. As usual, you can expect drinks and pizzas!

July 12th: Docker Meetup at GoalGorilla – Enschede, Netherlands

The next Docker Meetup will take place at GoalGorilla. Niels van der Molen from GoalGorilla will talk about how they use Docker for Devops in their Drupal projects. The second talk will be by Rik Bruggink from Oxilion about continuous integration with Docker for their roles and modules for configurationmanagement.


July 13th: Docker Meetup at ti&m AG – Zurich, Switzerland

DockerCon Announcements and Recap – by Jochen Zehnder, NetIT Services. Dockerizing Cyclops cloud billing framework, our insights and experiences – by Dr. Piyush Harsh, Service Engineering, ZHAW. Docker Development Environment at channel suite (CDK) by Nestor Tarin Burriel, ti&m


July 13th: Docker Meetup at STYLIGHT HQ – Munich, Germany

Let’s celebrate reaching 1,000 members!


July 13th: Docker talk at Istanbul DevOps Turkey Meetup – Istanbul, Turkey

DockerCon 2016 Recap


July 14th: Docker Meetup at University of Bamberg – Bamberg, Germany

DockerCon Recap 2016: What’s new in the World of Docker directly brought to you from Seattle by Docker Capitan Stefan Scherer, SEAL Systems AG, Röttenbach. Docker Swarm Clustering + Demo by Govinda Fichtner, Paessler AG, Nuremberg.


July 21st: Docker Meetup at NovaTec – Stuttgart, Germany

Join us for our next meetup event!


July 21st: Docker Meetup in Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

Docker Captains Thomas Shaw and Gianluca Arbezzano will demo some of the new tech announced at DockerCon 2016. If you would like to give a talk at this Meetup or have a particular piece of Docker related tech that you would like to hear about then drop us a mail!


July 21st: Docker Meetup at SpacePortX – Manchester, United Kingdom

Join us for our first Meetup! We have some great talks lined up.


July 26th: Docker Meetup at Google Campus Madrid – Madrid, Spain

Join us for our meetup in July. This time we will cover orchestration using Docker.


July 27th: Docker Meetup in Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join us for our next Meetup!




July 4th:Docker Meetup at Honestbee – Singapore, Singapore

Vincent De Smet will be giving a DockerCon recap. You can also expect some exciting announcements!


July 9th: Containerization using Docker – Pune, India


July 9th: Docker Meetup at Infosys, Electronic City – Bangalore, India

DockerCon’16 Review by Neependra Khare. Docker 1.12 release by Docker Capitan Ajeet Singh Raina. Docker Networking by Aditya Patawari. Docker Networking by Suraj Deshmukh. Docker Security by Sreenivas Makam.


July 16th: Docker Meetup at Hackanoi Lab – Ha Noi, Vietnam

This time would be covering changes in latest Docker 1.12 beta release announced at Dockercon 2016 last month, which includes the integration of Docker Swarm to provide container orchestration. Besides, the release of an experimental Distributed Application Bundle (DAB) gives you power to bundle up all the artifacts required to ship and deploy multi-containers apps. Additional announcements at Dockercon would be captured quickly. Speaker: Tuna. All roads lead to #Hackanoi Lab. See you there!




July 8th: Implement DevOps with Docker – Melbourne, Australia

Collective Campus has teamed up with Melbourne Developer Meetup to bring you an intensive look at Implementing DevOps with Docker.


July 12th: Docker Meetup at Pivotal  – Sydney, Australia

Docker Captain Scott Coulton will go through what’s new in Docker 1.12.


July 19th: Docker Meetup at Versent Pty Ltd – Melbourne, Australia

Title: Docker @ Deakin. Presenter: Daniel Spain & Ryan Parker-Hill. How we are using Docker at Deakin University, along with discussing the orchestration we are currently developing. Title: Docker 1.12 Overview. Ben Griffin will present an overview of Docker 1.12, as well what he thought were some highlights that came out of Dockercon16.




July 6th: Intro to Docker  – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Join us for an introduction to Docker and see how this tool can be used for development and deployment.



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Karen Bajza

Your Docker Agenda for July

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