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Your Docker Agenda for June

Karen Bajza

June is finally here, which means that DockerCon 2016 in Seattle, WA is just over two weeks away! We’re down to the last tickets and we will sell out this week – make sure to register today if you want to attend.

If you can’t make it to DockerCon this year, there are plenty of fantastic events in Docker communities near you to attend! Take a look at the agenda below and make sure to check out an official Docker training or Docker meetup in your local community.


North and South America | Europe | Oceania | Asia | Africa
Online | Official Docker Training Courses


Docker Technical Evangelist Mike Coleman Docker 101: Getting to Know Docker – Docker Meetup LA.

Official Docker Training Courses

View the full schedule of instructor led training courses here!

Introduction to Docker:

This is a two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

June 27th – 28th: Introduction to Docker with alter way – St. Cloud, France

June 28th – 29th: Introduction to Docker with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands


Docker Administration and Operations:

The Docker Administration and Operations course consists of both the Introduction to Docker course, followed by the Advanced Docker Topics course, held over four consecutive days.

At the end of the first two days, participants will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

You will then transition into the Advanced Docker Topics modules and learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, Setup a secure environment for Docker containers and use Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose for orchestration tasks including emphasis on Docker’s commercial offerings for the enterprise.

June 13th – 16th: Administration and Operations with Cibeles – Madrid, Spain

June 21th – 24th: Administration and Operations with Treeptik – Aix en Provence, France

June 28th -July 2nd: Administration and Operations with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands


Advanced Docker Operations:

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

June 27-28: Advanced Docker Operations with Antelops Consulting

June 29-30: Advanced Docker Operations with alter way – St. Cloud, France

June 30-July 1: Advanced Docker Operations with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands


June 7th: Why SA Home Loans Chose Docker Datacenter

Senior Systems Engineer DEVOPS at SA Home Loans Mark Dand will explain how the South African company uses Docker Datacenter within their organization during this webinar. He will also show a demo of Docker Datacenter within SA Home Loans.
June 16th: Containers for the Virtualization Admin

As the use of containers becomes more popular for the enterprise, what does it mean for VMs? Mike Coleman, Technical Marketing Engineer and Chris Hines will discuss the difference between containers and virtual machines, and explain how the two can coexist.

North & South America

June 1st: A Cloud Without Servers! – Vancouver, Canada
We have a great event lined up with 2 interesting speakers for this event who will focus on Containers such as Docker and Server-less Architecture such as AWS Lambda for the Cloud.
June 1st: Platforms & Microservices (Cloud Foundry, Docker, Neo4j, & Spring Cloud) -Minneapolis, MN
Containers, platforms, microservices: all hype aside, how do you actually do these things? Join us for clear explanations and practical open-source software demos intended to demystify some of today’s tech trends.
June 1st: Deploying to the Cloud – Louisville, KY
In this Software Engineering Meetup we’ll discuss deploying to the Cloud. We’ll start off with a quick introduction about the cloud – covering the what, why, and who. Then Troy Harvey will tell us the how by deploying apps to the cloud using Docker. Meetup Agenda: 6:00 – 6:15: Social (beer drinking), 6:15 – 6:30: What is the Cloud?. 6:30 – 7:00: Deploying with Docker
June 1st: Docker Meetup at Meltmedia – Phoenix, AZ
We’ll be covering the Docker security features as well as a deep dive on the Docker integration with the Linux USR namespace.

June 2nd: Arista, Neutron, and Docker Oh My! Did I mention Docker!? – Houston, TX
Join us as SDN leader Arista Networks dives into the world of cloud and container networking. You do not want to miss this opportunity to talk with a leader in software defined networking and get answers to your questions about this technology disruption.
June 2nd: Docker Meetup at Deis – Boulder, CO
This event is being held at the Deis Office and being co-presented with Boulder Jenkins! In this presentation Carlos Sanchez will share his experience running Jenkins at scale, using Docker and Apache Mesos to create one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Jenkins clusters to date.

June 6th: Docker Meetup at New Relic – Portland, OR
This month we will have talks by Jérôme Petazzoni from Docker and Tom Trahan from Shippable! Jérôme Petazzoni: Open source recipes to build, ship and run production apps with Docker. Tom Trahan: Creating application delivery pipelines with Docker.

June 7th: Docker at HPE Discover 2016 – Las Vegas, NV
This year Docker is excited to support HPE at Discover in Las Vegas. We’ll have our team there at booth #213 to meet and discuss how Docker and HPE have been working together. Don’t miss Bradley Wong’s session, Director Prod Mgmt, Partner Solutions at Docker, on “Reference Architecture for Deploying Containers-as-a-Service” on Thursday, June 9th at 12pm inside the Murano 3204.
June 9th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nos encontraremos nuevamente en las oficinas de Medallia para seguir compartiendo experiencias sobre cómo usar Docker para resolver diversos problemas en nuestras vidas diarias desarrollando software de manera agil.

June 9th: Docker Meetup at Wildbit – Philadelphia, PA
Join us for the next Docker Meetup!

June 9th: Container Wars: A look into different container solutions – Reston, VA
Join us on June 9th as we look into the growing Container market and dive into some of the various technologies currently available. We will be joined by members of Red Hat and Docker to look into what brought about the container movement, best practices for utilizing, and differences in solutions – looking into Kubernetes, Docker, and Red Hat.
June 10th: Containers: Docker, LXC, Rocket – Santiago, Chile
En esta ocasión nos vamos a sumergir en la revolución que se inició hace un par de años atrás de la mano de Docker: los contenedores. Revisaremos desde la creación de nuestras imágenes, su uso en desarrollo y pasó a producción de aplicaciones y la administración de contenedores en Cluster.
June 11th: OpenDev Summer – Puebla, Mexico
Nuestros amigos de Docker Puebla Y Comunidad PHP Puebla nos acompañaran, junto con miembros de la comunidad en este evento para compartir algunas herramientas que utilizan y que les hacen más fáciles las cosas en su día a día. Acompáñanos a iniciar el verano!
June 14th: Docker on Windows and Beyond – Virginia Beach, VA
New to the Docker revolution? Or maybe you already use it and want to see what’s next. Bret Fisher will engage his DevOps Beast Mode and take us through a quick intro of how containers are the future of running server software, then jump into demo’s of how you can use Docker day-to-day on Windows using the new Docker for Windows, and how Docker on Windows Server 2016 will change software deployment forever. Run .net on Linux, run Apache on Windows, it’s all easier with Docker.
June 14th: Deployments with Docker and Gitlab, and PyCon – Roseville, CA
Wait what? All that in one night? Yea probably. I am heading to PyCon this weekend and it will be my first conference. So I am planning on showing off some of the stuff I learned. I am also hoping to show off deploying applications with Docker using Gitlab and Gitlab CI if anyone is interested. If you are, then let me know. I will likely use python for presenting this. So if you have anything you would like to see by all means, bring it up.
June 15th: Docker Meetup at ThoughtWorks – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Vamos nos reunir para compartilhar nossas experiências com Docker e discutir quais são as tendências da indústria. Destaque a tecnologias baseadas em Docker como Kubernetes, Consul, Lattice e AWS ECS, que tem revolucionado o ecossistema de sistemas distribuídos e micro-serviços. Formato ainda a ser definido. Data provavelmente será alterada.

June 15th: Continuously manage your infrastructures from machine to stack – Phoenix, AZ
Jesús María García (a.k.a Xuxo) is a Puppet Technical Solutions Engineer for the Mountain Region, residing in Denver, CO. He will chat and present on some of newer concepts within Puppet including code management, orchestration, and support for newer technologies such as Docker, Consul, and container infrastructures.
June 16th: DevOps/ Microservices – Salt Lake City, UT
Join this session to see how you can combine a lot of different technologies and tools in a live demo that will open your eyes for the huge possibilities that Microservices can enable you to achieve. We’ll have it all: containers, Docker, Java EE, Vert.x, Wildfly Swarm, Spring Boot, OpenShift, Jenkins, Kubernetes and perhaps much more.
June 16th: Microservices and Platform – New York, NY
Using Docker, Neo4j, and Spring Cloud for Developing Microservices
June 16th: First Meetup – Network Monitoring – New Date – Redmond, WA
This will be our first meetup and we will discuss Shinken. Shinken is a next gen tool that picks up where Nagios left off. We will also be discussing how Docker and Containerization is changing the technology landscape for NM tools.
June 19th: DockerCon 2016 – Seattle, WA
We are excited to bring DockerCon 2016 to Seattle! Lock in the lowest price for DockerCon 16 today. A limited number of passes are available for $690 but for a short time only. Pre-register now and we’ll contact you with more details when it’s time to complete your registration. The conference will feature topics and content covering all aspects of Docker and the surrounding ecosystem and will be suitable for Developers, DevOps, System Administrators and C‑level executives.
June 20th: DockerCon Seattle Pre-Party – San Francisco, CA
Join us and the greater Software Circus community (Amsterdam, London, and Germany!) for pre-DockerCon festivities in Seattle! We’ll update this page with details as we confirm them, but we’ll probably have a few surprises too! RSVP to reserve your spot. Come One Come All!
June 20th:  Ansible in AWS with Docker – Tampa FL
Ansible in AWS with Docker Presented by Richard Lander. Q&A. Lightning talks.
June 21st: Docker + NodeJS = <3 – Calgary, Canada
This session we’re going to do give a birds eye view of the DevOps landscape and show you how you can use tools like Vagrant and Docker to supercharge your development, staging and production environments.
June 21st: Open Source Bridge – Portland, OR
Docker Speaker: Mindy Preston: Mindy is a recovering C programmer who now writes a lot of OCaml. She likes cats, justice, strong types, snow, compile-time errors, sunlight, explicit guarantees, board games, making better operating systems and networks, and bicycle tours.
June 21st: Docker Meetup at the Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV
We have a meet-up schedule for the June 21st at the InNevation Center. , We are looking for our members to present a 30 minute 30 presentation in a Docker related subjects like experience in working with Docker Hub or the Trusted Registry, we would like to hear you thoughts on the functions and use cases.

June 22nd: Docker Meetup at Icalia Labs – Monterrey, Mexico
En ésta charla platicaremos sobre todo el ecosistema de Docker y cómo su plataforma de “Contenedores como Servicio” (CaaS) nos puede ayudar durante todo el proceso de nuestras aplicaciones – desde el desarrollo, las pruebas y la puesta en producción. Al ser un tema directamente relacionado a DevOps, la plática está dirigida precisamente tanto a desarrolladores como a sys-admins.

June 27th: Docker at Red Hat Summit – San Francisco, CA
Are you in our backyard? Come see us at Red Hat Summit this year as it’s hosted in San Francisco, home of Docker HQ! We’ll be at booth #119. You won’t want to miss what we have in store for you.
June 28th: Docker Meetup at Paragus IT – Hadley, MA

As usual, there will be many updates and announcements at Dockercon 2016. This will be our first meeting post conference, so there should be lots to talk about. Additionally- feel free to send your topic suggestions to the group – that’s why we are here!

June 28th: Docker Meetup at OVH Québec – Québec, Canada

Nous vous proposons de nous rejoindre dans un lieu avec une vue magnifique sur notre ville : les locaux d’OVH sur Charest! Au programme: Lancement officiel du groupe, Conférences (détails à venir), Réseautage et discutions. Comment y participer ? Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici, et si vous avez une suggestion de conférence, n’hésitez pas à nous écrire en privé.

June 29th: Docker Meetup at Intelligent Software Solutions – Colorado Springs, CO

Details to come

June 30th: Building Agile Clouds – Docker basic Demo and Mantl container orchestration Lab – Raleigh, NC

Bring your laptops again! We had fun last month with a hands on lab with Openstack Admin GUI + CLI + Heat, taking it to the next step, I will do a demo of making Docker containers work on Openstack VMs, as well as hands-on lab for everyone to connect and see how easy it is to Orchestrate containers and manage microservices using Mantl.


June 1st: GR8Conf EU & Gradle Event – Copenhagen, Denmark

Three talks on Docker: 1. Dockerize your Grails App for more deployment fun 2. Dockerize your Grails! 3. Ratpack on the Docks.
June 1st: Getting started with Docker. Hands-on lab – Stockholm, Sweden

In this Meetup we want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of Docker and how it can leveraged to optimize your delivery of IT services. The next time your manager pops round your desk and asks “Isn’t it time we get started with Docker?”, you’ll actually have something intelligent to say!
June 2nd: OpenExpo 2016 – The Future is Open – Madrid, Spain

Fernando Mayo from Docker is speaking at OpenExpo 2016.
El objetivo de OpenExpo es difundir, presentar, descubrir y evaluar las soluciones y las tendencias de la industria que ofrece el Open Source & Software Libre y Open World Economy (Open Data y Open Innovation). En esta Feria, Docker presentará su software open source así como su datacenter, centrándonos posteriormente en la solución Contenedores como servicio de Docker y como afeca a la organización Devops
June 2nd: Tech Summit Amsterdam 2016 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aanand Prasad, Engineer at Docker will be speaking about Abstractions Over Scale at Tech Summit Amsterdam 2016. He will discuss how Docker’s toolset enable you to go from a rich development environment to a multi-host production deployment with smoothness and ease.
June 2nd: Docker Meetup at SkyScanner Glasgow – Glasgow, United Kingdom
Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm by Adrian Mouat. In this talk, he will compare and contrast the major platforms for running Docker containers. He will use a simple web application as a running example, adapting it to run on each of the platforms in turn. This will allow you to drill down into details of the platforms and highlight their comparative advantages and disadvantages.

June 3rd: DAHO.AM – Munich, Germany
David Gageot, Software Engineer at Docker will be speaking at DAHO.AM, a conference by developers for developers.
June 3rd: Shift Developer Conference – Split, Croatia
Borja Burgos – Product Manager, Docker will be speaking on Day 2 of the Shift Developer Conference.
June 3rd: Docker Meetup at Everis – Barcelona, Spain
We’ll focus this month’s meetup to the new members so we’ll give an introduction workshop to Docker. This is a revamped version of a previous Docker Workshop updated with the latest features of Docker.

June 7th: Breakfast Seminar about OSGi, Atlassian Bamboo and Ansible & Docker – Oslo, Norway
Docker orchestration with Ansible in practice by senior system consultant Kristian Lyngstøl from Redpill Linpro. The presentations explains: How to simplify the dev, test and prod cycle by combining Docker and Ansible, Learn how to avoid Docker pitfalls. The presentation includes a a demo!
June 7th: London DevOps Meetup #18 @ Facebook – London, United Kingdom
Docker Captain, Elton Stoneman will be speaking. IoT Project Canned: Let’s Use Docker. This session walks through a real-world IoT project, with services in Azure supporting a million devices. The business priorities changed, and the project team were under pressure to stop the services altogether, leaving the devices stranded. Instead we radically redesigned the solution, extracting the main features from big services into small containers, and running them in Docker Swarm on Azure. We’ve cut the Azure spend, and made the whole estate much easier to manage and maintain. In this session I’ll walk through what we did and why, focusing on the benefits of the approach, and drilling down to some gotchas for running Docker in the cloud.
June 7th: Docker Meetup at Zalando – Dortmund, Germany
Jan Mußler points out how Docker helps to foster team autonomy while complying with company regulations. As an example he shows how ZalandoTech deploys onto its microservice infrastructure by using their open source platform STUPS (stups.io) along with Docker in their continuous delivery strategy.

June 8th: Docker Meetup at Google – Madrid, Spain
Join us for our meetup in June. This time we will cover how to approach continuous integration/delivery methodologies using Docker.

June 8th: Docker Meetup at Barcelona Activa – Barcelona, Spain
Speaker: Ivan Jesus Correa, Senior Architect at Everis. Phases and tools in a product lifecycle. Containers vs Virtualization. Automation IT tools. Demo : installation of HTTP services clusters with load balancing and technical monitoring using Dockers and Ansible.

June 9th: Docker Meetup at iteratec GmbH – Hamburg, Germany
We’ll invite you to share your Docker your experiences. Thomas Steinbach will show us how they manage Docker with the use of Ansible. Robert Seedorff will talk about SecureBox, a highly distributed web security scanner framework build on top of Docker technologies. Following this we are excited to hear your stories with Docker and will held an open discussion. Big Thanks to Iteratec for sponsoring the venue, drinks and location.

June 9th: ContainerSched 2016 – London, United Kingdom
Keynote speaker: Anil Madhavapeddy on Unikernels and Docker – From Revolution to Evolution.
June 9th: Docker Meetup at Cladirea Nine – Brasov, Romania
Securing the Software Supply Chain with Docker. We will learn about Docker Security ecosystem and how to ensure secured Docker hosts configurations. Presentation: What’s New in Security Scanning. Practical: The Docker Bench for Security. The Docker Bench for Security is a script that checks for dozens of common best-practices around deploying Docker containers in production.

June 15th: Docker Meetup at Impact Hub Brno – Brno, Czech Republic
An evening full of interesting talks about containers is coming. We have several confirmed speakers and will be announcing them as soon as we are done polishing their talk descriptions.

June 20th: Docker Meetup at Menai House – Gwynedd, United Kingdom
To coincide with DockerCon 2016 (June 19-21) we are running a free guided 3-hour hands-on session on Docker. We have some learning materials and a bunch of Docker Experts on hand to guide us through the concepts and the approach to getting started with Docker.

June 26th: Docker Meetup at openSUSE Conference @ Z-Bau – Nuremberg, Germany
This special meetup will take place during the openSUSE conference at Z-Bau. There will be docker related talks spread throughout the conference, but we saved a little space for all of you wanting to share your experience, or give a presentation. If you are interested in having a slot on your own, please get in touch.

June 27th: Docker Meetup at mlove – Hamburg, Germany
on June 27 and 28, we bring together the European container community in Hamburg for a very first edition of ContainerDays – a unique event for the community’s leading minds and pioneers which gives you the opportunity to learn, collaborate, network and further your development. In many different conferences, workshops and talks, we will give a further boost to one of the fastest growing movements in computing’s history. Come and join us at an inspiring location at the heart of Hamburg’s waterfront, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and bring your ideas in front of who matters.

June 27th: Container Day – Hamburg, Germany
Aaron Huslage Solutions Engineer at Docker will be speaking.
June 27th: Docker Meetup at Business Pole – Espace NIDA – Nice, France
For this new meeting there will be several presentations and demos about RancherOS, monitoring, containers etc. Visit the page for more info.



June 4th: Docker Meetup at Calm.io – Bangalore, India

In last meetup we focused on DevOps and Docker. In this meetup we going to focus on Docker for developers. Docker 1.11 release, using Docker natively on Windows and Mac OS, end-to-end developer Workflow with Docker, microservices, challenges of running microservices, unification of docker images – p.harshal and a quick Introduction to unikernels.

June 4th: Docker Meetup at ThoughtWorks – Delhi, India

This training workshop is intended for beginner folks (System Engineers / DevOps) who are keen interested & passionate in learning about Docker Containers and Images. Understanding Linux Containers and Docker Ecosystem. Getting started with Docker containers and images then working with Dockerfiles and Docker Hub and working with Docker Compose.

June 8th: Docker and Data modeling night! – Singapore, Singapore

First Talk: Solving Developer pains with Docker! (Srikanth Nutigattu and Germain Potet). With the advent of different libraries, tools and environments it is becoming challenging to maintain a sane development environment, due to version conflicts, local path overwrites, polluting global space. Working on different projects or switching between projects is becoming difficult. On-boarding new developers take time due to their dev machine setup. Srikanth and Germain will show you how Docker can solve the developer side problems, in addition to solving the deployment side!


June 2nd: DevOps is better with Docker on Elastic Beanstalk – Auckland, New Zealand
June 18th: Docker from scratch workshop with DevOps Sydney – Sydney, Australia

In this workshop, we will build a small Docker-like tool from operating system level primitives, to learn how Docker and containers actually work. Starting from a regular process, we will gradually isolate and constrain it until we have a full container solution, pausing after each step to learn how our new constraints behave. The workshop will be conducted using Python.
June 23rd: JSON API, datasources, Docker and robots – Auckland, New Zealand

Caleb Tutty will talk about Rails, Docker (and Robots).


June 2nd: A practical look at Linux Containers (Docker) – Cape Town, South Africa

A practical look at Linux Containers (Docker) and how you can integrate them into your current applications. The talk will discuss a number of relevant container topics through the medium of a practical example, moving an existing php application to a containerised solution. Expect to leave with a practical and applicable path to adopt containers in your own systems. We will cover the following topics: Linux Containers. Brief history of Docker and the Open Container Initiative. Abstracting away your infrastructure. Paths for container integration. Problems of scale.


June 18th: Docker Meetup at Chariot Hotel Buea – Buea, Cameroon

SMConf (The Silicon Mountain Conference; http://smconf.org) is an annual conference which attracts creatives, hackers and organizers from Africa to the Mount Fako area for a day of code labs, workshops and sessions of inspiration and fun. Experience dedicated one-on-one sessions with startups at MeeThe Booths. Geeks showcase their talents; from good to great and iconic to inspirational. We match off the map – pushing the boundaries of technology in Africa.


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