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Docker Online Meetup #37: Docker 1.11

During this week’s Docker Online Meetup, core team member Ben Firshman discusses the recently released Docker 1.11, our first release built on runC and containerd. Ben started the online meetup with an overview of Docker 1.11 before showing some demos and answering questions at the end.

Below are the recorded video and slides from the Docker Online Meetup.


Highlights of the Docker 1.11 release include:

  • Built on top of runC and OCI: Containers are now run as OCI containers with runC. We have split out the management of containers into a separate piece of infrastructure plumbing called containerd, a daemon for managing runC, so the Engine is more loosely coupled to containers.
  • DNS round robin load balancing: It’s now possible to load balance between containers with Docker’s networking. If you give multiple containers the same alias, Docker’s service discovery will return the addresses of all of the containers for round-robin DNS.
  • Swarm container rescheduling no longer experimental (GA)

For more information on Docker 1.11, check out this blog post and read the Docker 1.11 Release Notes.


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Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #37: Docker 1.11

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