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CI/CD with Docker Cloud

Chris Hines

So you want to innovate faster, right?

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) are some of the most common, but impactful use cases for teams who are looking to Dockerize their environment. The key to CI/CD is being able to automate the workflow, while still keeping the necessary features in place (like performing tests and leveraging staging environments) to assure the quality of your applications.

With integrations with content management systems like BitBucket and GitHub and plugins with testing solutions like Jenkins, the Docker Containers-as-a-Service platform provides an end to end CI/CD pipeline for DevOps teams looking to deploy more quickly and innovate faster.

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In a recent webinar, Ryan Kennedy, Group Product Manager at Docker, and myself gave an overview and a live demo of how Docker Cloud, our SaaS hosted service for managing and deploying applications, can enable CI/CD complete with autobuilds and auto-deployments. In the demo he shows you how to configure your environment so you can develop code, publish it into GitHub, test the app, trigger an auto-build of an image and finally (cue the music!) auto deploy out to production, all with the help of the Docker Cloud service.

Watch a replay of the webinar below to witness the demo for yourself:


On April 12th, we will be hosting a webinar with Ami Goldenberg, the co-founder of FairFly, a startup that helps people rebook flight for less. We will discuss how they leverage Docker Cloud to do some pretty awesome things within their organization. Register for the webinar here.

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4 thoughts on “CI/CD with Docker Cloud

  1. Michael Korolyov


    This is very good overview of what can be done with Docker based CI/CD that also explained in the whitepaper.

    How to properly Version (TAG) Docker Images for real Product development that has:
    1. multiple GIT repos per resulting Docker Image – the $GIT_COMMIT can't be used
    2. multiple Releases like 1.0.0, 2.0.0 – the LATEST TAG can't be used



  2. Robert McDermott

    We are using Docker and Docker Cloud as critical components in a CI/CD pipeline for an open source cancer research project and the use of Docker and the new Docker Cloud service has certainly simplified things. The pipeline diagram can be seen in this recent AWS blog post about our project:

  3. Docker Cloud seems like a great offer, simplifying many aspects of the CI/CD pipeline.

    But what about source level builds and tests, with tools such as maven or gradle? When I commit a change, I would like this to be run, before the actual docker image are built.

    Would I do that in a prebuild hook, and will I have to run the autobuild on my own infrastructure, to ensure the required build software is installed?

  4. Would it be possible to try this Demo using my AWS free tier account? It basically allows the use of a free linux machine on AWS.

    It looks like the Demo uses Docker Cloud integrated with AWS. I could run Jenkins on the AWS linux etc..

    Just don't want to deploy things in AWS beyond the free tier.

    Great Demo ! Thanks.

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