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[#SwarmWeek Edition] Docker Online Meetup #35: Docker Swarm

Victor Coisne

As part of #SwarmWeek, we hosted a Docker Online Meetup all about Docker Swarm.

Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host. Because Docker Swarm serves the standard Docker API, any tool that already communicates with a Docker daemon can use Swarm to transparently scale to multiple hosts.

Victor Vieux, a Software Engineer working on the Swarm product, presented an overview of Swarm along with a demo and Jeff Nickoloff, author of “Docker in Action”, reviewed his findings from scaling Swarm and Kubernetes.

Below are the recorded video and slides from the Docker Online Meetup.


Here are some resources from the meetup:


Swarmnado-357x627-30 (1)Catch up on the Docker Swarm news during #SwarmWeek by reading these blog posts:

And don’t forget to participate in our DockerCon ticket raffle! Share a picture or description of your Swarm with us on Twitter and tag @docker and #SwarmWeek for a chance to win a free ticket to DockerCon 2016 on June 19-21 in Seattle, WA.


Here are some additional resources on Docker Swarm:



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