Mario Ponticello

Three New Official Repos Join the Docker Library

Mario Ponticello

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added three new Official Repos to the Docker Library. These repos are the latest additions to a growing library of curated content maintained by Docker and our partners.

Docker users have pulled Official Repos nearly 300 million times, making them the most popular content in the Docker ecosystem. Please welcome Neo4j, Nuxeo, and Photon to the Docker library!


Neo4j is a highly scalable, robust, native graph database. It is used in mission-critical apps by thousands of leading startups, enterprises, and governments around the world. You can learn more here.

Designed by developers for developers, Nuxeo is a highly customizable and extensible content-management platform for building business applications. Nuxeo features an extensible architecture, with over 150 plug-ins exposing more than 250 extension points, and future-proof upgrade patterns.

Photon OS is a technology preview of a minimal Linux container host. It is designed to have a small footprint and boot extremely quickly on VMware platforms. Photon OS is intended to invite collaboration around running containerized applications in a virtualized environment.

Photon contains tdnf, a new, open-source, yum-compatible package manager that will help make the system as small as possible, while preserving yum package management capabilities.



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