Sophia Parafina

Five Reasons to Speak at DockerCon 2016

Sophia Parafina

We have way more (and we’re sure you do too!), but here are our top five reasons to submit a CFP for DockerCon 2016!

1) Build community

How many times have you reached out to answer or ask a question on IRC or Stack Overflow? Perhaps it’s a tricky software-defined network question or the fastest way to build and deploy a reliable NoSQL solution. It’s about finding solutions faster and letting attendees learn from your experiences as well as sharing their experience with similar problems. Sharing your knowledge is the fastest way to build community and the bigger the Docker community grows, the more people are available to help you out when you need a quick solution.


2) Talk about what you’re working on

Whether it’s a project for your company or a personal project you’ve been working on, people value real world experience. They want to hear about what you’re building, the challenges you’ve encountered and how you overcame them. You might have built it to scratch your itch, but it’s very likely many people with the same problem. Need people to test your work or even provide patches? DockerCon 2016 is the perfect place to get your project in front of like minded developers.


3) Be a leader

Your co-workers already know that you’re the person to ask when they’re stuck, let the Docker community get to know your skills. Showcase innovation, start a conversation about a business problem, and build your resume and network. Accept the challenge and step outside your comfort zone. If this is your first presentation or your 100th, know that the Docker team is there to support you all the way.


4) Collaborate and listen

Yes we went there, DockerCon is the perfect place to find people to work with and to listen to your users. As a speaker you have the podium, that means people will approach you to ask questions or share an approach that you might not have considered. Leading a session puts you up front as the Docker point person and can lead to future collaboration.

Leave the conference with more contacts, and even more information about new tools and techniques to share with your organization.


5) Get out of the office

Everyday you’re talking to people on slack, irc, github issues or twitter, but how many of them have you met face to face? Wouldn’t it be great to have coffee and breakfast with your Docker peers and get to know them better? Making personal connections can build your network and boost your career.


Go ahead and submit your talk proposal for DockerCon 2016 here.



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