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Andrey Sibiryov Reflects on Speaking at DockerCon EU 2015

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015 speaker Andrey Sibiryov currently works as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Uber Technologies, concentrating on metrics and observability. He was also the lead developer of the Cocaine Cloud platform and led the Cloud Technologies department at Yandex in addition to working on the Helios CI/CD platform for Docker at Spotify.

Andrey presented a talk at DockerCon EU 2015 titled “Kernel load-balancing for Docker containers using IPVS” that was one of the attendees’ favorites from the conference.

Andrey recently chatted with us to discuss his work and why he spoke at DockerCon EU 2015.


What was your experience as a DockerCon speaker like?

This is not my first time as a speaker in front of a large tech crowd, but this is the first one where people actually paid some considerable amount of money to attend. I must say that this changed everything and people were genuinely interested in the topic – I got a ton of questions and I am still getting a few of emails every week about Gorb, IPVS and networking in general! DockerCon definitely did a really good job at getting the right people together at the right time in a great place.


What were the benefits of speaking?

The whole point of my talk was to re-discover one battle-proven open-source load balancing and routing solution that, for some reason, was forgotten or, rather, marginalised and replaced by enterprise for-profit alternatives. It’s called IPVS and I hope it’ll help engineers and startups around the world to save money and build more amazing things. This sounds beneficial enough to me =)


What was your favorite moment from DockerCon EU 2015?

I always wanted to be a rocket scientist since I was a kid – I still honestly think that all other jobs suck anyway.

So when I saw that there are talks at DockerCon on how Docker is used to do REAL SCIENCE, particularly powering the Cosmology@Home project, I was like “Ok, maybe I can actually be a rocket scientist after all!”

Long story short, I am currently getting myself up to speed to make my first contribution to the Cosmology@Home project!


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Uber’s monitoring, alerting and metrics system system called M3. There’s a talk about it from one of our engineers available here.


asibiryovDo you have any advice for people wanting to speak?

The most important thing is to avoid building a talk around some topic just because it’s new, shiny and people are talking about it. Instead, talk about stuff you’re passionate & pumped about, even if it’s a tiny little thing “far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy” and you think that nobody will never listen to you at all. It’s not the subject that drives the talk, it’s you and the invisible lasers coming out from your eyes, so if you’re not into it, it’s gonna be quite miserable and boring 45 minutes for everyone else.


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Below are the abstract, slide deck and recorded video from Andrey’s presentation on “Kernel load-balancing for Docker containers using IPVS” at DockerCon 2015 EU:

Many companies use expensive proprietary hardware and software to provide load-balancing and routing for their users and services. Andrey will demonstrate how the same or even exceeding performance and feature sets can be achieved using an open-source technology which has been a part of the mainline Linux kernel for over a decade – IPVS. Specifically, you’ll see how IPVS can be used to automatically configure load balancing and routing for Docker containers using a simple Go daemon and a Docker plugin.


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