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DockerCon EU 2015: Say Hola to the Tutum Team

Here in Docklandia, the entire team is super excited for DockerCon EU 2015! We are even more thrilled that our newest members to Docker – the Tutum team – will be joining us to make a big splash in Barcelona.



From Borja Burgos, Tutum co-founder and one of the newest members of the Docker team

At Tutum, we didn’t think we could get any more excited after the announcement… but realizing that a huge chunk of the Docker ecosystem would be in our backyard in Spain has us at an all-time high. With our offices in Madrid, we can’t wait to visit DockerCon EU in Barcelona. If there’s one thing we like more than fútbol (you may refer to this as soccer), tapas, and Jamón Ibérico, it’s our fellow Docker and Tutum users.

We’ll be showing off Tutum at DockerCon EU and the entire team will be there to chat about Tutum to get your feedback, and listen to how we can make using Docker to build, ship and run your applications in production even easier. We look forward to meeting you all in Barcelona!


At this year’s DockerCon EU, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn more about using Tutum and meet the Tutum team:
1.  Attend a live Tutum demo at the Docker booth and learn the ins and outs of Tutum
2. Get all of your Tutum questions answered in the Ask the Experts area
3. Head to the Docker, Docker, Docker track on Tuesday at 1:30pm for Deploying and Managing Containers for Developers with Borja Burgos and Mano Marks

As a developer, you want to build and deploying applications to be easy. Build it once and deploy it wherever you want. Tutum makes it easy. In this session, you’ll learn how Tutum can be part of your CI/CD pipeline.

4. Stop by the Hands-On Labs to test drive Tutum!

This self-paced learning experience show you how to use Tutum as a web-based front end to deploy and manage docker applications. You will connect Tutum to AWS, deploy a cloud service, and explore other features.

5. Say hola to the Tutum team throughout the conference – they’ll be around during the entire conference and would love to discuss how you can use Tutum today!



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Learn More about Tutum

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• Register for the technical webinar on Nov 4th



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Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Say Hola to the Tutum Team

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