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DockerCon EU 2015: 3rd Round of Black Belt Speakers

dceu15_logoThe talks in our Black Belt Track at this year’s DockerCon EU 2015 are going to be awesome! Based on feedback from DockerCon 2015 attendees, we curated this track to bring a strong focus on advanced technical deep dives to the agenda.

Last week, we announced the first two round of speakers including Gilt’s Kevin O’Riordan, Uber’s Andrey Sibiryov, SalesforceIQ’s John Fiedler, Microsoft’s John Starks and our very own Jessie Frazelle, Arnaud Portrerie and Jérôme Petazzoni.

Today, we are excited to announce the third batch of speakers for that same Black Belt Track. Check out these three additional sessions below and stay tuned for more exciting DockerCon EU 2015 announcements:


Live migrating a container: pros, cons and gotchas

By Pavel Emelyanov, Principal Engineer at Odin

avatar.jpg.320x320pxIn this talk I will briefly show why you might want to live migrate a container, why you might want to avoid doing this and what can be done instead. The main topic of the talk would to demonstrate what’s the specific in live migrating a container as compared to VM, why it is trickier than that and what can be done with this complexity, what are the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Container torture: run any binary in any running container. 0 patch

By Jean-Tiare Le Bigot, System Developer at OVH

Running a container app in the container is easy, attaching a custom app to a running container is a bit trickier. But, what if I wanted to run any arbitrary binary in any arbitrary running container? Common wisdom says it’s impossible. Is it? This talk dives into containers internals, just above the kernel surface and demonstrates that this is, indeed possible. With a bit of C magic and ptrace.


Green Font, Black Background – Docker Security by Example

By Nathan McCauley, Director of Security at Docker Inc., and Diogo Monica, Security Lead at Docker, Inc.

avatar.jpg.320x320px (2)In this session, you will learn everything you need to know about docker security best practices. We will cover how to write clean Dockerfiles and trim down on your base images. We will go over the runtime security settings you can and should apply to your running containers, go over a few examples around monitoring and incident respo nse and will end up demoing image signing and verification in Docker.

This is a no-slides session, and the console will be the only thing up on the screen.



Official Docker Training at DockerCon EU 2015

Looking to learn even more about Docker? Join us for the official Docker training on Wednesday November 18th right after DockerCon EU 2015 for DockerCon attendees who want to become Docker experts. Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand the more advanced topics required to deploy Docker in Production. Learn more about the training here and register soon before we sell out our spots!


DockerCon EU 2015 Sponsors

Muchas gracias to all of the awesome sponsors who are helping support DockerCon EU 2015! Each of you are helping us in numerous ways to bring DockerCon to life. Be sure to chat with each sponsor during the conference to find out how they contribute to the ever-growing Docker ecosystem.

If you are interested in having your company become a DockerCon sponsor, please email


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Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: 3rd Round of Black Belt Speakers

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