Your Docker Agenda for October

globalhackday3 (1)Wow, Docker Global Hack Day #3 was a huge success! Over 2,000 community members attended the over 50 local editions organized by Docker meetup groups. Many thanks to all of the amazing people who made these events possible and our awesome Docker community who helped us with the difficult decision of choosing global winners

There are plenty of great events in Docker communities around the world scheduled for October! From meetups to conference talks and webinars to workshops, check out our list of the events coming up this month:


Official Docker Training Courses

Introduction to Docker

This is two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Oct 5-6: “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika – Rennes, France

Oct 12-13: “Introduction to Docker” with Xebia – Paris, France


Docker Administration and Operations

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

Oct 23: “Docker Administration and Operations” with InfoSiftr – Las Vegas, NV


Docker Meetups


Oct 1st: Docker Webinar

Join this introductory session to get an overview of the Docker Solution and a live product demonstration.


Oct 9th: Building, running & deploying Docker containers with Raziel Tabib

In this session we will continue demonstrating docker commands and how to build run and deploy docker containers.



Oct 10th: Docker Meetup at STU Coffee – Ha Noi, Vietnam

At this meetup we will talk about Docker 1.8, Swarm, Machine and Compose.


Oct 15th: Docker Meetup at ZheJiang University – Hangzhou, China

Docker’s own John Willis will be presenting at this meetup. Join us to learn more about Docker.


Oct 24th: Docker Meetup at VMware – Bangalore, India

Neependra Khare from Red Hat will give a talk about Storage backends for Docker.


Oct 31st: Docker Meetup at Allies Interactive – Kanpur, India

There will be “Introduction to Docker” talk at this meetup, followed by a hands on session. Join us to learn more about Docker.



Oct 1st: Docker meetup at OHL – Stadium – Brussels, Belgium

For this meetup we arranged a line of interesting speakers that will talk about how you can bring your containerised apps in production to the cloud:


Oct 5th: Docker Workshop at goto; Conference with Adrian Mouat – Copenhagen, Denmark

At this workshop we will introduce the concept of Linux containers in general and Docker specifically. We will guide the participants through a practical exercise that will include use of various Docker commands and a setting up a functional multi-container system. At the end of the workshop you will know how to automate and speedup your delivery workflow.


Oct 6th: Docker Meetup at Klub Mama – Zagreb, Croatia

In this talk Deni Bertovic will go over the Docker 101s, tips and tricks etc. He will try to show you what the benefits and pitfalls of Docker are, but mainly he will try to show you how Docker helps you streamline your development environment. Last but not least Deni will talk about deployment and production environments.


Oct 6th: Docker Meetup at Softeam – Rennes, France

Join us for the “BreizhCamp Hacking Party”. This year will focus our hacking effort on the DockerCon RaspberryPi Challenge which aims to have the highest number of web server Docker containers running on a Raspberry Pi 2. We’ll be trying to break the current record of 2334 web server containers !


Oct 7th: Docker Meetup at Founders House – Copenhagen, Denmark

A lot of things have happened in the Docker world, but what new things can we use. Come and meet up with others who uses docker, that can be in development and/or in production.

There are going to be 2 speakers talking about how they use Docker in production.


Oct 13th: Docker Meetup at IBM – Galway, Ireland

There will be following topics covered at the first ever Docker Galway meetup: 

  • What is Docker and why is everyone so excited about it?
  • Intro to the Docker platform (Hub, Machine, Compose & Swarm)
  • Docker use cases from local professionals
  • Docker Tips & Tricks


Oct 13th: Docker Meetup at Nexway Lab – Katowice, Poland

Please join us for the following talks:


Oct 15th: Docker Meetup at Impact Hub Brno – Brno, Czech Republic

Join us for this meetup to learn about:


Oct 26th: John Willis at DevOps Days in Berlin – Berlin, Germany


Oct 28th: Docker tutorial by John Willis at Velocity Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Docker Tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • Docker installation
  • The Docker Run command
  • Using Volumes with Docker
  • Basic networking
  • Running services in Docker containers
  • Building Docker Images with Dockerfiles
  • Advanced networking with Docker
  • Docker on Windows
  • Troubleshooting and best practices


North & South America

Oct 1st: Docker Meetup at Rackspace – Austin, TX

Josh Butts of will return to preview is Zend Conf talk on PHP development environments with Docker and its tooling.


Oct 5th: Docker Meetup at Madison Central Library – Madison, WI

State of the container universe! A lot has changed in the last couple of months, so why don’t we start back up with a state of the ecosystem talk, it will force me to coalesce all the details.


Oct 8th: Docker Meetup at Tapad – New York, NY

We’ll be discussing the lessons learned going from bare metal microservices to containers. We’ll cover topics on immutable infrastructure and building a container based ecosystem.


Oct 12th: Docker tutorial by John Willis at Velocity Conference – New York, NY

The Docker Tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • Docker installation
  • The Docker Run command
  • Using Volumes with Docker
  • Basic networking
  • Running services in Docker containers
  • Building Docker Images with Dockerfiles
  • Advanced networking with Docker
  • Docker on Windows
  • Troubleshooting and best practices


Oct 14th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Palo Alto, CA

In this presentation, Gianluca Borello will cover the current state of the art for container monitoring and visibility, including real use-cases and pros / cons of each. He will then focus on advanced container visibility techniques, such as:

  • Visualizing a container’s network activity
  • Understanding detailed resource usage (CPU, memory and disk I/O) of containers or processes running inside containers
  • Following process and user activity inside containers
  • Collect logs from multiple containers


Oct 19th: Docker talk at All things Open – Raleigh, NC

Docker’s own Aaron Huslage – Solutions Engineer will be presenting at this event. Stay tuned !


Oct 21st: Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV

John Tsai was at our meeting last month and brings a wealth of knowledge of the inter-working of SaltStack. SaltStack is one of valuable tools and platforms that work in the Dev-Ops environment. Works well with Docker containers and VM. This will be a good application discussion for containers and address SaltStack applications for IoT.



Oct 21st: Docker Meetup at Optiver – Sydney, Australia

  • “Fast and frictionless applications with security and visibility on top of Enterprise-Grade Container Infrastructure” by Kit Colbert
  • “Implementing and running a Private Container Service with Rancher” by Chris Fordham
  • “How Microsoft is embracing Docker” by Felix Riesberg, Rita Zhang, Steven Edouard


Oct 28th: Docker Meetup at The Grid AKL – Auckland, New Zealand

In September the Docker Global Hackathon takes place. A group of people from Auckland will be taking part. This meetup will showcase the Auckland group work and others of interest around the world.


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Your Docker Agenda for October

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