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written by Steve Francia

I believe in doing things that matter. I believe that to do great things –  you sometimes need to take some risks.

In 2014, I had an opportunity to do something that matters. Once or twice in a decade a company comes along with a product that completely transforms an industry.

Docker has taken the industry by storm in completely unprecedented ways. It’s been the fastest growing company whose core product is open source. It is one of the first companies to achieve record levels of visibility and momentum in less than two years (I know there was dotCloud earlier, but in reality that was a very different company and Docker grew like a phoenix from it’s ashes). In Docker, I saw an opportunity to help guide and shape how open source businesses could be run; as the Chief of Operations, Open Source.

It is with sadness but without regret that August 31st was my last day as a Docker employee. I’m happy that many of the initiatives and accomplishments I made while at Docker will outlive my time there. I will be continuing my life as an advisor to Docker with a renewed interest in helping this amazing company succeed.

I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish at Docker in such a short amount of time. Some highlights include:

A 3x increase of active developers to the Docker project

Led a complete rewrite of the developer experience of Docker including a massive expansion of the contributor guide & documentation, refining the contribution process with significant automation, and introducing new tooling and continuous integration testing.

Led rewrite of the Documentation including porting the Docker Documentation to use Hugo.

Created the world’s first open-source-a-thon resulting in over 1000 developers participating in 26 events around the world. This is the largest single developer event in history focused around a single project.

Developed analytics for tracking true growth and health of open source projects.

Organized and led the first ever Docker contributor summit

Helped guide the organization from largely one open source project into a multilayered platform composed of many different projects with different approaches to open source and different communities.

Open and clear governance is at the heart of any successful open source project. Perhaps the most significant accomplishment over the past year has been that, as a team, we led a complete restructure of the governance around Docker including leading the formation of the Open Container Initiative along with the RunC spec, joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a founding member and a restructure of the Docker Governance Advisory Board. These initiatives happened at critical times for Docker and demonstrates the the project is progressing on the right path.


From Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, Inc.

We wish to thank Steve for all of his work and contributions to the project over the last several months. We look forward to working with him in his new role as an advisor to Docker. Michael Crosby, Solomon Hykes and Arnaud Porterie will continue their roles on the DGAB, building on all of the good work that the team has accomplished to date.

Michael Crosby, Arnaud Porterie, and the other maintainers of the Docker project will continue to work with contributors and maintainers to preserve and improve the engaging environment we created in the past two years, where anyone from first time contributors to seasoned open source developers can jump in and make a difference.

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