Your Docker Agenda for September

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.34.03 PMEven though everyone is talking about Docker Global Hack Day #3, there are plenty of great events in Docker communities near you to attend!

From meetups to conference talks and webinars to workshops, check out our list of the events coming up in September:


Docker Global Hack Day #3

September 16th:

Boston, MA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Greenville, SC

Guadalajara, Mexico

Hamburg, Germany

Indianapolis, IN

Las Vegas, NV

Marseille, France

Morocco, Casablanca

Mountain View, CA


Philadelphia, PA

Prague, Czech Republic

San Francisco, CA

Washington, DC


September 17th:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Auckland, New Zealand

Bordeaux, France    

Charlotte, NC

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Iraklion, Greece

Rennes, France

Taipei, Taiwan

Tel Aviv, Israel


September 18th:

Madrid, Spain


September 19th:

Bangalore, India

Dublin, Ireland

Krakow, Poland

Lisbon, Portugal

Mumbai, India

New Delhi, India

Oxford, United Kingdom


Official Docker Training Courses

Introduction to Docker: This is two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Docker Administration and Operations: This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.



Sept 1-2: “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika – Nantes, France

Sept 3-4: “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika  – Paris, France

Sept 3-4: “Docker Administration and Operations” with Akra – Hamburg, Germany

Sept 8-9: “Introduction to Docker” with Highops – London, UK

Sept 9-10:  “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika  – Lille, France

Sept 10-11: “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika – Rennes, France

Sept 14-15: “Introduction to Docker” with Zenika – Nantes, France


North America

Sept 11-12: “Docker Administration and Operations” with InfoSiftr – Las Vegas, NV

Sept 15-16: “Docker Administration and Operations” with Vizuri – Washington, DC

Sept 22-23: “Docker Administration and Operations” with Vizuri – Raleigh, NC



Sept 3rd: Docker Webinar

Join this introductory session to get an overview of the Docker Solution and a live product demonstration.


Sept 9th: Docker Webinar

Join Docker evangelist John Willis to learn about how Docker aids in the realization of the “Three Ways of DevOps” in your organization:

  • Systems thinking from left to right
  • Amplify feedback loops with quick turnaround
  • Culture of continuous experimentation and learning


Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day #3 – Online Edition

Join members of the Docker community around the world for Docker Global Hack Day #3! The San Francisco edition will also be live-streamed and we will post the link to watch here. The livestream will kick off with talks by members of the Docker core team, who will share some updates about new features included in the latest release of Docker and how they facilitate the creation and management of distributed applications.


Sept 16th: Docker Webinar with MongoDB

In this talk we’ll review what Docker is and why it’s important to Developers, Admins and DevOps. We’ll also cover the following topics:

  • Using Docker to Orchestrate a multi container application (Flask + MongoDB)
  • Injecting HAProxy and other production requirements as we deploy to production
  • Scaling the Web and MongoDB cluster to grow to meet demand


Docker Meetups


Sept 5th: Docker Meetup at Maru 180 – Seoul, South Korea

Multi-Host networking with Docker by @anarcher



Sept 2nd: Docker Meetup at Tuenty with David Calavera  – Madrid, Spain

Join us for our meetup in September where we will cover some of the hottest topics around Docker. We’ll have a presentation given by David Calavera, one of the main core maintainers of the Docker project, and another one given by Tutum.


Sept 8th: Docker Meetup at IBM – Zurich, Switzerland

We are pleased to announce the 4th Docker user group meetup! There will be several great topics presented:


Sept 8th: Docker Official Training: Introduction to Docker with HighOps – London, UK

This is two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment.


Sept 9th: Docker Meetup at La cantine numerique – Tours, France

There will be 2 topics presented at the very first Docker Tours Meetup:


Sept 24-26: Docker Workshop at Strange Loop – St.Louis, MO

In this workshop, Jerome Petazzoni from Docker will present the networking model of containers, and how to run containerized applications spanning multiple Docker hosts. He will give recipes to implement cleanly ops tasks like logging, backups, and more. Finally, we will discuss orchestration and scheduling. He will present solutions like Swarm and Mesos, and see some of them in action on an actual microservices architecture.


Sept 15th: Docker Workshop at GOTO; London by Arun Gupta – London, UK

This lab offers developers an intro-level, hands-on session with Docker, from installation (including boot2docker on Windows/Mac), to exploring Docker Hub, to crafting their own images, to adding Java apps and running custom containers. It will also explain how to use Kubernetes to orchestrate these containers together. This is a BYOL (bring your own laptop) session, so bring your Windows, OSX, or Linux laptop and be ready to dig into a tool that promises to be at the forefront of our industry for some time to come.


Sept 15th: Docker Meetup at Baroosh – Cambridge, UK

We’ll be watching ‘Docker at Shopify: From This-Looks-Fun to Production’, a talk given by Simon Eskildsen at DockerCon EU 2014 about his experiences using Docker at scale in a production environment, and will then have a discussion afterwards about how this relates to our own uses of Docker.


Sept 25th: Docker Meetup at The Cube Athens – Athens, Greece

Kai Davenport from Cluster HQ. Kai will make an introduction to plugins in Docker and how they work with volume drivers. Specifically, he’ll guide us on how we can manage volumes across Docker hosts using Flocker and Swarm.


Sept 29th: Docker Meetup at Microsoft Oy – Helsinki, Finland

This time, we’ll explore how to use Docker on Microsoft Azure and upcoming Windows Server 2016 containers. I’m really excited since I feel there’s lot to learn for all of us!


North & South America

Sept 2nd: Docker Meetup at Meltmedia – Tempe, AZ

This meetup is a chance to share your experience with Docker. We are going to host four or five community members to teach us how they use Docker. So, if you have experience with Docker in dev, CD/CI, or production come and tell us about it.


Sept 3rd: Docker Meetup at Cvent – Washington, DC

Networking, pizza and beer, followed by announcements, presentations and planning for future meetups. Presentation is about Docker on ECS.


Sept 8th: Docker Meetup at The Tech Pub – Cordoba, Argentina

Please join us for Docker 101 presentation at the first ever Docker Cordoba meetup!


Sept 12th: Docker Meetup at Raul Hacker Club – Salvador, Brazil

Don’t know anything about Docker? Don’t worry, there will be all level talks at our second Docker Salvador Meetup.


Sept 14th: Docker Meetup at EMC – Boston, MA

In preparation for the Docker Global Hackday #3 Jonas Rosland and the great folks at EMC {code} are hosting a repeat of the day-long, hands-on workshop on Docker fundamentals at EMC’s new community space in Kendall Square. The event is intended for Docker beginners, so if you’re wondering which orchestration tool you should implement or worried about how to run large-scale L2 networks this is NOT the event for you.




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