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Announcing Docker Toolbox: The fastest way to get Docker running in development

Michael Chiang

Today we’re announcing a new installer for Mac OS X and Windows called Docker Toolbox.

We’ve been hearing again and again that it can be difficult to get up and started with Docker in development, particularly when you’ve got your app defined with Compose and then have to install Compose separately. With the popularity of Compose, Kitematic and Boot2Docker, we realized we needed to make all the pieces work better together.

Toolbox installs everything you need to get Docker running in development: the Docker client, Compose (Mac only), Kitematic, Machine, and VirtualBox. Toolbox uses Machine and VirtualBox to create an Engine in a VM to run your containers. On top of that VM, you can then use the Docker client, Compose and Kitematic to run containers.


Does this replace Boot2Docker?

Yes, Toolbox is now the recommended way to get started with Docker.

Although the Boot2Docker installer has been quite popular, Docker Toolbox has been designed to include the the growing set of Docker developer tools like Kitematic, Machine, Swarm, and Compose. Boot2Docker also installed a command-line tool called boot2docker which was used to manage the Docker VM. In Toolbox this has been replaced with Machine.

However under the hood, Machine still uses the Boot2Docker Linux distribution to run your containers. The difference is that the containers are now managed by Machine instead of the boot2docker command-line tool.

If you are currently using the official Boot2Docker (boot2docker-vm), Docker Toolbox will prompt you to automatically migrate to the new default VM using Docker Machine.




If you prefer to manually migrate your Boot2Docker VM, please check out these instructions.

We are very excited to have you try Docker Toolbox and give us feedback! Check out the links below to get started and for more resources.


Additional resources:

Install Toolbox on Mac OS X

Install Toolbox on Windows

Give us feedback

Contribute to Toolbox

Learn more about Toolbox



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18 thoughts on “Announcing Docker Toolbox: The fastest way to get Docker running in development

  1. Any timelines on when Docker/Toolbox will support Windows 10?

  2. so does toolbox now mean i should delete kitematic on my mac and install toolbox instead?

    Also what about Dynamic IP assignments? Does toolbox still just assign the same arbitrary IP as kitematic did?

  3. Does it work with cisco any connect? Currently this is a big issue with corp vpn requiring cisco any connect and boot2docker. Neither Kitematic or boot2docker works whenever I connect to VPN.

  4. Can Docker Toolbox be installed via Homebrew? I avoid installing dmgs if I can help it.

  5. I’ve made Muguet (DNS server & reverse proxy for docker-containers) compatible with Toolbox, more precisely with docker-machine (in addition to boot2docker).
    More infos here: https://github.com/mattallty/muguet

  6. Why don’t we have a toolbox installer like (.deb) for ubuntu/debain or in general for Linux ?

  7. Wow! Nice work on the Docker Toolbox! From what I’ve seen so far, its introduction is a serious game-changer. Where is the celebration taking place? (Or is there something I’ve missed about how much easier Docker is to adopt now thanks to Toolbox?)

  8. With Linux OS, we use boot2Docker or Toolbox ?

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