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Your Docker Agenda for August

Steven Chen

Excited for Docker Global Hack Day #3 and DockerCon 2015 Europe? Us too!

As you wait for these bigger Docker events, you can participate in awesome Docker meetup events and attend other Docker talks and conferences happening globally. Below is your Docker agenda for the month of August.




August 5th: Docker Talk Online (Webinar) – Online

Join this webinar for introduction to Docker demos and get the FAQs answered. Starts at 9:30 am.


August 20th: Docker Talk at Container 101 (Webinar) – Online

In this Docker Talk there will be demonstrations on Docker commands and how to build micro-services using node.js and Docker. Click on the link here to sign up for the webinar.


North America

August 3rd: Docker Talk at DevOps Chicago – Chicago, IL

Contain yourselves: Let’s get Docker into production – This talk will feature lightning talks and refreshments!


August 3rd: Docker Talk at Pluralsight Study Group – New York, NY

Docker Deep Dive Week 2 of 5 – Need to learn Docker? This is the course for you! Dive into Docker Technologies including Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Registries, Networking, Storage and much more! No prior knowledge of Docker or Linux is required.


August 4th: Docker Talk at JS – St. Petersburg, FL

Brian Goff is going to give a talk about Docker and how to use it within your Javascript applications in both development and production environments.


August 4th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Palo Alto, CA

Join the Dockers of Palo Alto as they talk about Project Calico, the simple, scalable, open solution to scale-out networking. Networking and pizza for the first 30 mins!


August 5th: Docker Talk at Location Labs Headquarters – Emeryville, CA

Alexandre Beslic of Docker will be presenting on Cluster Scheduling with Docker Swarm. A little about his talk: Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It combines easy cluster creation and management with powerful container scheduling.


August 6th: Docker Meetup in Austin – Austin, TX

Resources for training can be expensive and time-consuming. Join this meetup and the meetups will describe how they worked with a major tech enterprise to implement an easy to use on-demand Desktop as a Service training solution using Docker, helping the organization save on CAPEX, maintenance and setup time.


August 11th: Docker Talk at AWS San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

This talk gives an overview of the architecture built using Docker, Luigi, and Spot Instances, and the many lessons learned while implementing the system on AWS. The jobs are encapsulated as Docker containers which makes them language- and environment-agnostic. The graph is managed by Luigi, an open-source workflow management system. The jobs are executed on multiple Auto-Scaling Groups of Spot Instances, which scale dynamically based on the actual load and supply on the spot market.


August 11th: Docker Meetup at New Relic – San Francisco, CA

It was great to see so many of you for the first time since DockerCon! We already have another meetup in the works with three amazing speakers from Fluentd, Docker, and Datadog! New Relic has graciously offered to host again! See you there!


August 11th: Docker Talk at NYC.rb – New York, NY

Docker for Ruby Developers by Frank McCreery – By now, you’ve probably heard of Docker. In this talk, we’ll discuss how using Docker containers can simply both development and production deployments, for Ruby-based shops.


August 13th: Docker Meetup at Bronto Software Inc. – Raleigh, NC

It’s been awhile since this group has had traction, so with the help of Docker and the fine folks at Bronto Software who are graciously providing us the space, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of the local Docker Raleigh group!! We will be resuming the previous monthly meetup schedule during ramp up, but then I would like to plan on trying to transition into something a little more frequent !!


August 17th: Docker Talk at LinuxCon – Seattle, WA

Docker’s SVP of Engineering, Marianna Tessel, will be speaking in the keynote of LinuxCon 2015. In her keynote, she will be discussing what’s next for container technology. A short description of Marianna’s keynote: While virtualization technologies have been around for some time, it is only in the last two years that containers have taken the development world by storm. Ideal for application portability, containers became the tool of choice for organizations transitioning to next generation of distributed applications. This presentation takes a look at the evolution of containers and what’s next for this technology and the incredibly diverse Docker container ecosystem. Jérôme Petazzoni of Docker will also be giving multiple talks throughout the conference so please join to learn more about Docker.


August 17th: Docker Talk at the Transistor – Salt Lake City, UT

Intro to Docker Talk


August 19th: Docker Meetup at the Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV

In this Docker Meetup, talk about Docker Networking, Plugins, Ingredients, Open Container Project, DTR and the evolution of Docker Hub, ORCA Project overview, Docker 1.7, along with Orchestration Updates and Docker Machine.


August 20th: Docker Talk at MesosCon – Seattle, WA

Victor Vieux, a software engineer at Docker, will be presenting alongside with Tim Chen about Docker Swarm on Mesos. Their talk will revolve around: Docker has become a popular way for developers to package their applications for deployment, but as applications get more complex there is a growing need to deploy them at scale, orchestrating them across dozens or thousands of machines. With Docker Swarm, you can talk to Mesos using the Docker command line client and start Docker containers on your Mesos cluster as easily as you would do it on your development laptop. In this presentation, Victor Vieux (Docker Engineer, Docker) and Timothy Chen (Mesosphere Engineer, Mesosphere) will explain why Mesos is the “gold standard” for running Docker containers at scale and will demo how to setup Docker Swarm on Mesos (using DCOS) and how to do a docker run against your Mesos cluster easily.


August 24th: Docker Meetup at Braintree – Chicago, IL

The first release of Docker only supported AUFS, and AUFS was available (out of the box) only on Debian and Ubuntu kernel. Then Red Hat wanted Docker to run on its distros, and contributed the Device Mapper driver, and later the BTRFS driver, and recently the overlayfs driver. Docker 1.7 will have (or has, depending on when you read those lines!) support for ZFS. We will present how those drivers compare from a high-level perspective, explaining their pros and cons. This will help the audience to make more informed decisions when picking the most appropriate driver for their workloads.Then we will see each driver in action, and look at low-level implementation details. We won’t dive into the golang implementation code itself, but we will explain the concepts of each driver. This will help to better understand how they work, and give some hints when it comes to troubleshoot their behavior.


August 27th: Docker Talk at Trek Winery – Novato, CA

Autodesk and Cyan are actively using Docker. Come hear their experiences, lessons learned and have an opportunity to ask questions.


August 28th: Docker Talk at code{4}lib – Los Angeles, CA

Docker installfest and hands on exercises with Casey Grzecka & Gary Thompson


Latin America

August 13th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Docker Meetup #5 @Medallia: Meet again at the offices of Medallia to continue sharing experiences on how to use Docker to solve various problems in our daily lives most agile software development.


August 26th: Docker Meetup at Hacker Garage – Guadalajara, Mexico

Learn about Docker Fundamentals



August 3rd: Docker Talk at ownCloud community – Nürnberg, Germany

ownCloud 8.1 will be one month old. Lets look at some of the new Features and BugFixes. Some locals are running owncloud in Docker Containers with huge scalability.


August 12th: Docker Talk at Scala Enthusiasts – Warsaw, Poland

@WarszawScaLa Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts meetups are a unique place to learn Scala (and the supporting development and deployment techniques) in a theory-n-practice fashion.


August 19th: Docker Talk at Azure Usergroup – Copenhagen, Denmark

Curious about Docker and how you can run Docker on your favorite cloud platform Azure? Join this talk for this workshop where they will go hands on with Docker on Azure.


August 20th: Docker Meetup at Leaseweb – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Speaking will be Luca Marturana – Software Developer @ Sysdig. Talk Description: Existing monitoring and troubleshooting tools like top, tcpdump, netstat etc don’t play well with containers. We will introduce sysdig, an open source tool that offers visibility into a broad range of metrics, including CPU,memory, disk I/O, network I/O, application activity and much more. It has also a brand new curses interface which is like htop with steroids.


August 20th: Docker Meetup at Rockin’ Cafe – Brno, Czech Republic

Join this meetup to talk about the Docker Global Hack Day #3 and organize related events or join the meetup groups in Prague or Vienna.


August 26th: Docker Talk at Apache Flink Meetup – Berlin, Germany

Join this talk to learn more about Apache Flink cluster deployment on Docker using Docker-compose with Romeo Kienzler. In this talk Romeo will talk about container isolation with the IBM Docker Cloud as an example.


August 27th: Docker Meetup at KPN Hoofdkantoor – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Docker Randstad Hits Den Haag


August 28th: Docker Talk at GDG Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland

Docker is changing the world of virtualization and has become an integral part of many modern principles of software development and operations to build, pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container. Join this event to learn more about Docker in the context of microservice architecture and the Docker ecosystem. Register here for the event.



August 8th: Docker Talk at Scalability Meetup – Hyderabad, India

Docker basics and concepts, demos, kubernetes


August 8th: Docker Talk at AmazonAWS – Bangalore, India

Overview of containers and Docker including a demo covering the basics of Docker and also how to run multiple containers using ECS.


August 18th: Docker Talk at PyInt. – Petakh Tiqwa, Israel

Overview of Docker Compose in 30 minutes with Arye Halioua



August 18th: Docker Meetup at Optiver – Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Docker community is in for a treat this August, two very experienced speakers sharing their knowledge and experiences with Docker!! The speakers for August will be Scott Coulton (Solutions Architect @ Healthdirect) and David Cheal (Senior Partner @ Strut).


August 19th: Docker Meetup at Aconex – Melbourne, Australia

Words from the meetup organizer: “The numbers are ever growing, and we’re really starting to see containers shape up to the enterprise and production space! I’m hoping to have a bit of an update from our friends at docker about the up and coming, so please get in early to attend the event and learn a little about it.”



August 29th: Docker Talk at Google Developer Group – Cape Town, South Africa

Overview of autoscaling with the Google Cloud and Docker


Learn More about Docker


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