Michael Chiang

Kitematic for Windows alpha now available for download

Michael Chiang

Kitematic for Windows is one of the fastest and easiest ways to run Docker containers on your Windows PC.

Download Kitematic for Windows


Why use Kitematic on Windows

  • Kitematic sets up Docker and all its components automatically to get you started with Docker on Windows
  • Full Docker command line experience through the Docker CLI button in Kitematic, and seamlessly see the changes visually
  • Visual management of Docker containers like streaming logs, and configuring environment variables, ports and volumes
  • Windows PowerShell support
  • Easily search and pull public and private Docker images through Kitematic’s integration with Docker Hub


Download Kitematic for Windows

If you have questions or general feedback about Kitematic, please send an e-mail to kitematic@docker.com. For Kitematic issues, please create a GitHub issue on the Kitematic repository.


Thank you,

Kitematic Team




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