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April was quite an eventful month for the Docker Community. By the end of April, over 1,200 people attended the 24 birthday events organized by the Docker community in 11 countries. With the overwhelming number of contributions we received, we were able to donate $25,000 to the Oceanic Society. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and expertise to make these events a success.




In the month of May, there will be lots of fantastic events across the world. Have a look at the agenda for this month and make sure not to miss the Docker meetups in your region.





May 13th: Docker Online Meetup  with Aanand Prasad – Online

In this fourth installment of the series, Aanand Prasad will present “Extending Services with Docker Compose 1.2”


May 19th: Docker Online Meetup with Stephen Day Online

For the final online meetup of the Docker 1.6 series, Stephen Day will present “A New Model for Image Distribution”


North & South America


May 9th: Docker Meetup at Raul Hacker Club – Salvador, Brazil

If you don’t know anything about Docker, please join us for the first Docker Salvator Meetup. The first event will cover “Introduction to Docker”.


May 11th: Docker Meetup at Electric Cloud – Santa Clara, CA

Come hear how to model Java EE applications ranging in complexity from one container on one host to multiple containers on multiple hosts.


May 12th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Palo Alto, CA

Alexandre Beslic will present Docker Swarm, a Docker-native clustering system to manage containers at scale. In this talk, Alex will review and demo the new features of Swarm 0.2.0. The talk will start with a general overview of the project and then move onto more advanced topics such as scheduler placing strategies, cluster resource management, node constraints and container affinity. Finally, the speaker will discuss the future of Swarm with high-availability and the support for state replication as well as integrations with third party schedulers like Apache Mesos.


May 18th: Docker Meetup at Symantec Corporation – Minneapolis, MN

Bridget Kromhout, an Operations Engineer at DramaFever, will present “Docker in Production: Reality, Not Hype”.


May 20th: Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV

Expertise in using and deployment of Docker Containers is growing across Southern Nevada. Our next meeting is all about service discovery. Service discovery tools manage how processes and services in a cluster can find and talk to one another. It involves a directory of services, registering services in that directory, and then being able to lookup and connect to services in that directory.


May 20th: Docker Meetup at HQ – Park City, UT

In the past month, Docker has released Docker 1.6, Swarm 0.2, Machine 0.2, and Compose 1.2.  In this talk Ryan Walls, Software Engineering Manager at 3DSim, will review the new changes, features, and benefits.


May 20th: Docker Talk at GlueCon – Broomfield, CO

Docker Developer Evangelist Jerome Petazzoni will present “Immutable Infrastructure with Docker and Containers” at this conference.


May 28th: Docker Meetup at Mediafly – Chicago, IL

Join us for the May 2015 Chicago Docker Meetup. We will have SaltStack talking about using Salt to orchestrate Docker on AWS!




May 11th: Docker Meetup at Telecom – Saint-Etienne, France

Christophe Chaudier will be giving an Introduction to Docker talk at Télécom.


May 11th: Docker Talk at Azure Docker Day – Milan, Italy

Join us for the event and learn about:

  1. Docker introduction and Container support in Microsoft Azure, with Windows and Linux by Bruno Terkaly from Microsoft
  2. Docker Machine and Swarm by Vito Flavio Lorusso from Microsoft
  3. Clustering and orchestrating containers with Kubernetes by Alex Campos Arcos from Microsoft
  4. Docker Strategy and Future by Patrick Chanezon from Docker [videoconference]


May 13th: Docker Meetup at D2SI – Paris, France

Arnaud Porterie from Docker will be giving a talk about how to use Machine & Docker to develop & build Docker.


May 13th: Docker Meetup at SOHO – Sofia, Bulgaria

There are still 15 spots available! Please RSVP if you want to attend first ever Docker Bulgaria meetup.


May 14th: Docker Meetup at Impact Hub – Brno, Czech Republic

Come to the first Docker Brno Meetup to learn more about this trending open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.


May 16th: Docker Meetup at YLD – Lisbon, Portugal

Come and join the YLD gang in a hackathon working on Paz, a Docker PaaS we’ve built in Node.js.


May 18-19: Official Training with Container Solutions – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This intensive 2-day Docker Inc. Approved Course will provide students with an introduction to the latest technology and Docker containers. It is intended for administrators and developers who want to better understand the use of Docker. Docker Inc. will provide the students completing the course with an official certificate of completion at the end of this training.


May 19th: Docker Meetup at HEPIA – Geneva, Switzerland

Hear from Mathieu Buffenoir on how to use Docker for bitcoin broker infrastructure. Learn  how his team did set all our infrastructure using Docker (on exoscale, we also support amazon) and how they intend to increase our coverage using Docker to deploy for our partners.


May 20th: Building a “kind of real” app with Docker – Bordeaux, France

The following topics will be covered at the event:

  1. Docker Compose Flask/Redis sample application
  2. Multi-host application management (Docker Swarm)
  3. Code delivery (Docker Hub)


May 27-28: Official Docker Training at HighOps – London, UK

This is the second official intensive 2-day training in London and will provide students with an introduction to the latest technology and Docker containers. It is intended for administrators and developers who want to understand the use of Docker. Docker Inc. will provide trainees with an official certificate of completion at the end of this training.


May 28-29: Official Docker Training at Xebia university – Hilversum, Netherlands  

This training introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment.




May 9th: Docker Meetup at Paxcel Technologies – Chandigarh, India

The first ever Docker Chandigarh meetup will include an “Introduction to containers and Docker” presentation.


May 19th: Docker Meetup at – Sydney, Australia

There will be two topics covered at this meetup:

  1. “Docker PaaS, elastic canaries and multiclouds” by Samuel Marks
  2. “Docker networking overview” by  James Vodanovich


May 23rd: Docker Meetup at ThoughtWorks – Xian, China

Join us for the first Docker Xi’an meetup! The following topics will be introduced at the meetup:

  1. Simplify openstack deployment based on container
  2. Introduction to swarm
  3. How Docker change software infrastructure


Check out the complete list of upcoming events featuring Docker talks and our map of Docker meetup groups to get involved with the Docker community in your area.

Huge thanks to everyone who make these events possible: meetup organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees. If you have any questions or comments about past or upcoming events, please reach out at or ping us on twitter @docker.


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