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Your Docker agenda in April

March has been an incredibly busy month for the Docker Community with all of the birthday celebrations and open-source-a-thons, and it’s not over yet. You have until April 19th to make a contribution that counts toward Docker’s donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet. Please visit for more information about contributing to Docker and attending upcoming Docker parties!


Looking at the calendar for April there are plenty of exciting events for you to attend, no matter where you’re based. Keep reading to see where to meet Docker team members and join Docker community gatherings.





April 22nd: NGINX Webinar: Building Applications with Microservices and Docker – Online

Watch this webinar hosted by Rick Nelson, Lead Solutions Architect at NGINX, and special guest Jérôme Petazzoni, Senior Engineer at Docker to learn how you can best approach application development with microservices, Docker and the cloud.


April 22nd: Docker in Production: How Rightscale delivers Cloud Applications – Online

Combining Docker, cloud infrastructure, and continuous integration and delivery practices can create a highly automated and efficient way to get new applications and features to market. The RightScale development team has been using Docker from development to continuous integration, and now the operations team has taken Docker into the production environment.


April 28th: Practical Introduction to Docker and Atlassian – Online

Docker provides the ability to use infrastructure agnostic containers to quickly spin up environments for testing, QA, development, and production. Learn the basics of how to quickly create environments, with practical examples focusing on use with JIRA.


North America


April 7th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Palo Alto, CA

Attend this Docker Palo Alto Meetup to hear Brian DeHamer and Pat Cox talk about two Docker related open source projects: Docker Management for Humans, and Docker Workflow Engine.

Thorvald Natvig, software architect at Medallia, will then talk about how Medallia has enhanced docker to communicate to modern IP networks.


April 8th: Docker Meetup at HQ  – Park City, UT

If you’re in Salt Lake City, don’t miss this meetup with Darren Shepherd from Rancher. Darren will walk us through the benefits of using Docker to run microservices, and provide an overview of RancherOS, a minimalist distribution of Linux designed expressly to run Docker.


April 8th: Container Summit – New York, NY

Our friends at Joyent are organizing a one day industry event focused on the future of containerization. The event will be featuring amazing speakers from companies like Shopify and Walmart as well as our very own John Willis.


April 8th: PyCon – Montreal, Canada

Two years ago, the founder of Docker Solomon Hykes released the Docker project as open source at Pycon. This year, Docker is proud to be back at PyCon as a sponsor. If you are attending the conference come talk to us at the Docker Booth #328 and you might be the lucky one to get a free Docker t-shirt.

The DockerMTL user group is also joining forces with MTLData and DevOpsMTL to end Pycon with a bang. Jérôme Petazzoni from the Docker team will tell you everything you need to know about Docker storage drivers. Register now to secure your spot.


April 14th: POSSCON Columbia, SC

Tibor Vass from the Docker team will be giving an introduction to Docker talk at Posscon, a technical conference exploring open tech.


April 17th: ContainerCamp US San Francisco, CA

After the success of ContainerCamp UK last year, the organizers of the conference decided to host a US edition of their event in San Francisco. Just like last year Docker is the main sponsor of this event featuring some of the main actors of the Docker ecosystem like Joyent, CoreOS, and Rancher. Members of the Docker team will be giving 3 talks:

  1. Introduction to Swarm: A Docker native clustering system by Andrea Luzzardi & Victor Vieux
  2. Talk Title TBA by Ben Firshmann
  3. Willy Wonka of Containers by Jessie Frazelle


April 27th: Interop  – Las Vegas, NV
Learn how to achieve operational excellence through DevOps during this workshop with John Willis and other DevOps experts. If you’re attending this conference, you might also want to attend Scott Lowe’s session entitled container challenges: know before you deploy.


April 30th: DevOps Days NYC – New York, NY

As one of the core team member behind DevOps Days, John Willis will be giving a keynote on the state of the union in DevOps and will be available to answer your questions about Docker.




April 8th: Docker Meetup at STYLIGHT GmbH – Munchen, Germany


This Docker Munchen meetup will kick off with a talk on Continuous Delivery Cycles with Docker and Github feature Branches by Robert Hostlowsky.

Then Fabian Staber will show us a quick demo of the new Docker plugin for Intellij IDEA 14.1.

We will wrap up this meetup with a talk by Dominic Phillips who will be sharing his experience from starting out with Docker for development environments to running Docker fleets in production.


April 8th: Devoxx France – Paris, France

Come meet with one of the latest addition to the Docker team: Patrick Chanezon. Patrick will be giving a presentation on the Docker Ecosystem on Microsoft Azure and will be available to answer your question at the IBM booth.

If you’re attending this conference and want to learn more about Docker, you might want to attend the following sessions:


April 14th: DevOps Days Paris – Paris, France

John Willis will be giving the conference first keynote presentation on: Containers, Germs, and Microservices.


April 14th: Docker Meetup at SpeedLedger  – Goteborg, Sweden

Join the Docker Goteborg meetup to learn how to ship awesome Scala code with Docker and how to use Docker Machine, Swarm & Compose.


April 16th: Docker Meetup at Treeptik – Marseille, France

Claire Wahl will talk about the orchestration of Docker containers in clusters. If you are living in the Marseille / Aix area, you can follow @DockerAix to find out about the next events.


April 21st: Pragmatic Docker day – Ghent, Belgium

Many docker events have awesome talks but are often up in the sky with all the new shiny upcoming/beta/alpha tools coming up. With the ‘pragmatic’ docker day, we want to bring people together to learn and share stories from the trenches. The program will be talks in the morning and openspaces in the afternoon. They will be fast paced to cover much ground, so you’d better do some homework if you’re totally new to docker.


April 23rd: Docker Meetup at Epitech – Lille, France

Thomas Clavier from Deliverous will be leading a hands on session on Docker, a great chance to share your experience and questions with fellow Dockerites.


April 28th: Docker Meetup at Jimdo – Hamburg, Germany

During this meetup, Chris Ward from Crate will discuss how their distributed database is built and works and why Crate is a perfect partner for Docker.




April 9th: Docker Meetup at Playspace at Pocket PlayLab – Bangkok, Thailand

Jirayut Nimsaeng, Cloud Infrastructure Professional at Proteus Technologies will kick off this 2nd Docker Bangkok meetup with a talk on Continuous Delivery with Docker. Then we’ll have Adithep SriNarula, Enthusiast Freelance Developer will give his feedback on Docker from a Non-IT Professional. Finally, Amine Mouafik, CTO at Continuous Software will share “5 Things You Didn’t Think Possible With Docker”


April 11th: Docker Meetup at Xebia IT – Delhi, India

In this meetup, we’ll experiment with creating static images with everything readily installed. We’ll play around with Consul as a clever tool for managing server configurations without modifying the image. We use Docker as infrastructure, which easily runs on a laptop.


April 11th: Docker Meetup at Viki – Singapore, Singapore

Join us to celebrate the Docker 2nd birthday in Singapore. Mentors from the community will teach attendees how to contribute to open source. Contributions include code, documentation, tutorials, videos, and mentoring. Each contribution to the Docker Project will also support the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve oceans.


April 13th: Docker Meetup at DaoCloud Shanghai HQ – Shanghai, China

Come to the Docker 2nd birthday celebration in Shanghai. Our friends at Daocloud will be teaching attendees who are new to Go and Docker how to contribute to the Docker project.

Check out the complete list of upcoming events featuring Docker talks and our map of Docker meetup groups to get involved with the Docker community in your area.

Huge thanks to everyone who make these events possible: meetup organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees. If you have any questions or comments about past or upcoming events, please reach out at or ping us on twitter @docker.

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker agenda in April

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